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  1. My Settings --> Notification Preferences --> toggle 'Notify me when someone quotes my posts (and I'm not already following)'
  2. i just got a notification that you quoted me !
  3. i blame it on poor leadership but what do i know.. i'm not even a mod!
  4. i guessi ahvent had too many good ideas lately, let alone $10000000 ones. but i am feeling quite inspired by the above post...
  5. it was /bored at some point, then /too_bored, then /really_bored
  6. The instructions to hear the hidden tracks are etched under the tray of the jewel case in early editions on HTTT, you should be able to find the info via Google
  7. been getting this as well. its annoying, but then i just highlight the page and it goes normal.
  8. damn! wish i had know you were in Uruguay, that;s where the party was!!
  9. <-- me last night at the MT10 party. can't believe you guys didn't show!
  10. yeh it's mostly just people going "post more" for several pages then GM comes back with another great story
  11. general mills chroinicles. check it out.
  12. Tbh I don't read the-coli that much but the general mills chronicles thread is one of the funniest things on the world wide Web
  13. Hmm damn, party time! Too bad it not the weekend after BC that's when cab is gonna be in town too!
  14. he he... you wont beilevre what i have in the works. i'm gonna blow the lid off of this whole damn place.
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