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  1. probably not until they get rubmaps down there. thom refuses to go anywhere unless he knows they have at least one well-reviewed massage parlour.
  2. i bet we will find a pattern about what cities radiohead chooses to play
  3. could you please integrate the rubmaps api into your map
  4. could you please integrate the rubmaps api into your map
  5. do you guys get the pyramid song video? if so, what do you think it's about? i mean, i know what it's about, i'm just wondering what you guys think.
  6. yeh,, ha. i used to think that, but now i think that, like... pyramid song is probably their best one? it's very deep (no pun intended), but there 's also some good laffs in there.
  7. this is why i love radiohead. because i've been a fan for them almost since the beginning, and i'm only just starting to understand so much of their material.. again, i think some of it was the language barrier, and also like i said, getting into them during their most serious period. but still, they are the proverbial onion, but in rock band form!
  8. WOW!! i never even thought of this! that's so perfect.
  9. yeh thats the comic strip i was thinking of.... i mean now that you point out about it what is funny, like about how hollywood is a weird place and there's a prius (typical liberal hypocrysy) i think i understand it better. anyway, it's definitely interesting.
  10. its not a song but it still proves radiohad has a a sense of humour
  11. have you read the comics section of the newspaper album yet? i thought some of thsoe were funny but i didnt get a couple of them
  12. i think this thread is more relevant than ever, given the hilarious christmas single they did for the fan club this year.
  13. i've decided to bump this thread today. i think we could all use a little pick-me-up, what with the holidays coming up and everything... i know it can be a tough time for a lot of peopel.
  14. Me, in my wildest fantasy.
  15. Whoa dead pigeon is posting from the netherzone??
  16. ugh, guess the cat's out of the bag re: step 3 of my plan
  17. it's only step one on my plan... hehe. but here's a hint about step 2...... "Tera-thread"
  18. new idea: The "Gigathread" it's like, you heard about the Megathread? very popular concept already... what if you took 1,000 (1.000 for the brits!) , and put them together into one thread... The GIGATHREAD!
  19. another idea: let's just all move to facebook rooms
  20. hmm... that would be quite an undertaking. and i would have to curate the best ideas (my own) ITT. but maybe one day i will do it!
  21. probably not... i'm still waiting on at least $70m from ideas i've had in this thread alone!
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