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  1. you could have stolen the name!
  2. I think I remember all those people Tracy was the one who ran revolve? Joel complimented one of my songs once iirc.
  3. according to my records, you've been a member here since 2004
  4. remember how much you loved spinal tap quotes??
  5. does mods know if it's possible to "un-archive" a thread? that is, to remove it form the forum "archive" and make it an "Active" thread? i was trying to bump my breadly cooper thread and i found it had met an untimely demise. that thread is as relevant as the day i made it.
  6. http://www.clickhole.com/article/oral-history-radioheads-ok-computer-2370 you guys read this yet? lots of cool info in there i've never seen before.
  7. omg you are like the people on house hunters who complain about the paint color!!! :icon_evil :icon_evil
  8. http://greenplastic.com/mortigi/ you could view general discussion as a single forum or filter it down more if you wanted http://greenplastic.com/mortigi/categories/general it had html oh my god jonathan almost gave us everything jesus christ what is wrong with you peopel
  9. the hidden booklet is not very rare. also in the 2.0-2.5 range, although in recent years it's gotten a bit of a boost due to historical importance (predicting 9/11). a few copies of Kid A actually came with two hidden booklets (not different ones, just a factory error), and those are very rare. however, because they're so easy to counterfeit, they only have any value if they're unopened. the test to determine if a SS OG CD pressing of Kid A has two booklets is extremely expensive, but well worth it if you end up with one.
  10. 7TC is not very rare. Mint OG VHS rates maybe a 2. DVD is worth even less. a Mint OG VHS of 8 Television Commercials is worth considerably more, obviously, but it's hard to find outside of Japan. same for Astoria. the VHS (assuming good condition) is worth very little and the DVD is worth even less.
  11. honestly you should develop rubmaps for south america. if you build it, he will cum.... hehe
  12. pictures/descriptions would help. there are several amnesiac posters and bootleg dvds.
  13. just to be up front, i doubt anybody here is gonna have anything that rates above a 6. no offence, just the RH collector scene is pretty tight and i don't think there's any overlap between MT and that community.
  14. and i will rate its rarity on a scale of 1 to 10 i am uniquely qualified to do this because of my job
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