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  1. the worlds most sophisticated fart joke
  2. i have come acfoss this thread, whom i barely remember creating, by google searching for my own username. i realize that i was very immature, in the past, to find songs like "a wolf in the door" and "we suck young blood" so funny. sure they're funny, but now that i am older and my sense of humor is more mature( and yes, worldly, actually), i realize that actually the tunes on "kid a" are their funniest ones. you may think that's sick.
  3. if you want a post to get to thom, you're best bet is to post it in a thread created by a spam bot
  4. they get ssent to thom yorke and he prints them out and cuts them up for his lyrics.
  5. change the longest thread in current events -> the worst thread on this godforsaken 'fum
  6. i like the sound of it and the video is cool
  7. http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo/index.php?/topic/99643-when-starting-in-a-band/page-1
  8. check out the Lavender Flu album https://player.spotify.com/album/3vqAyw8GArO9XelmWoDDRr riyl radiohead lp9
  9. at least he doesnt wear a weird wig like win buttler
  10. people keep pm'ing me asking me to take down this post, they don't want me to reveal that SD and TY = same person. STOP PM'ING ME TO TAKE DOWN THIS POST! "I WILL" NOT!!
  11. kid a is obviously the best one, artwork in general there was tops. stanley donwood (aka thom yorke) at his finest
  12. Yep only one good one..... Mine!!
  13. I think some Mt / shift ppl are on hi pinion still. Mutes, Catullus, Rik, Craig from mtl, probably others
  14. Some mt people posted here for like a month, Dave, bza, malystrix, mutes, caisenma, italo, etc. In 2004. They gave or other music forum fire and that's why it's better than other rh spinoff music forums
  15. I remember two of them I was thinking of the one from Australia who got married to an mt person and. Ran revolve.
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