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  1. i dont love most of their 80s material as much as their 90s material (or marine girls or pre-EBTG solo tracey thorn) because to me a lot of the jazz and bossa-nova elements in their 80s stuff feels a bit forced tbh. i mean i still like it but i dont connect with it as much. their songwriting is a much more natural fit with 90s style singer-songwriter-based adult contemporary styles. 

  2. ok so here they are (in case ya didn't know... some fan you are!!)


    up first we have


    • Thom 'Edward' York

    this middle name appears pretty boring. it is also happens to be the first name of a different member of the band Radiohead so that diminishes its impact substantially. the best thing about it, which is actually pretty cool, is that when youre middle name begins with the letter 'E'. if 'Thom' ever wanted to go as the less-formal 'Thommy Yorke', he could actually just be called 'Thom E. Yorke' and its pronounced the same but much more classy. plus, it mirrors the vestigial 'E' on the end of 'Yorke'.


    • Johnny 'Richard Guy' Greenwood

    his middle name is 'Rich Guy' which depending on who you talk to can be very cool or very uncool. i guess if your a rich creative type than people will think its cool, even if tyhey wouldnt otherwise. then again, people think 'Guy Richie' is very uncool these days, and actually, he is... and points for style IMO. 


    • Collin 'Charles' Greenwood

    ‚ÄčNamed for the famed prince of wales, this middle name is pretty basic especially for a british. THough there aren't any other members of the band Radiohead with that name in their name, it is actually quite common over there. I don't like it.¬† With this name, our old chappy 'Collin' could have been called 'CC' which is more common in these parts, and kinda cool. missed opportunity, and a big loser.


    • Edward 'Johnny' O'Brien

    This member of the band 'Radiohead' has the biddle name of 'Johnny' which is identical to another member of the band 'Radiohead' first name... aka 'Johnny' Greenwood, and it's the most boring one yet. too bad.  nice try.


    • Philip 'James' Selway

    ‚Äčlast up on the list, and the least important, is member 'Philip", the drummer. theyre middle name is 'James', yet a nother very boring name and though its not identical, it is similar to the name 'John', in that it both begins with a 'J'. Again, both of these names could be cool if they just went as 'PJ' but thats just not proper enough for british english. 'PJ Selway' is a cool name though, and then he wouldn't technically even need a 'middle name' which is a bold choice for the band. Every one of these names is for a king of britian. thats just how they do it over there.

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