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  1. BOX

    1. ihggy-GP


      could you please do me a huuuuuge favor and take a look at this comedy video i worked om and tell me your very honest opinion? you got good comedy taste i would REALLY appreciate your feedback.



  2. nothin'! i ride on the subway! tough to get into a driveway.

  3. wow! sounds pretty good...

  4. ill take ye word for it!

  5. also they released some CDs as "scharpling and wurster" and you should for sure get those b/c they're even better and not all in the archives. get "Rock Rot & Rule", "Chain Fights", "New Hope for the Ape Eared", "Hippy Justice", they are basically my favorite comedy records.

  6. they have a podcast of the best calls (mostly from wurster) called best show gems which you should hear all of them. these are the ones you should start with: http://mortigitempo.com/really_bored/index.php?/topic/107545-podcasts/page__p__4140378#entry4140378 but there's so many good ones.

  7. hmm yes, most likely! it is a three hour weekly call-in show, all archived on wfmu.org but don't start with the three hour shows. every week there is a call from the same guy, jon wurster (drummer from superchunk, mountain goats) who does many different characters (some one-off, some recurring). been on for like 10 years, and is hilarious.

  8. BOX

    do you listen to best show on wfmu?

  9. yess, love that shit

  10. <.> (thats a face) sry had a lot goin on past couple weeks... new roommate moving in and then my sis came for a while and now i am travlelling to los angeless but i PROMISE i will get it to you! i dont go back on my promises! BUT it always takes me way too long to send things to MTers

  11. JER

    i didnt see i had a post from you but maybe next time! i am frequently around.

  12. hm maybe! could be fun

  13. HELLO Mr Gurbechev... Tear Down This Wall!

  14. teddy... hello teddy. my ted e. bear :) 3> wub u teddy bear baby!

  15. yes i got it the other day! quite a nice package! currently putting some thingz together to respond... got some good stuff.

  16. ok, you should be good to go!

  17. cool! well just let me know what username you sign up with and i'll approve you.

  18. also, if you want some free server space to host music/have a website/whatever let me know.

  19. well, the main site initially was a music blog where a bunch of us (mostly me cab harry radiofly shiny) wrote record reviews, bt then a while back i killed that cos we hadnt posted in years and i tried to revamp it as some kind of artist collective... but that didnt really work out either. all along we've had a pretty good forum going though, at akakakak.com/forum lemme know if you wanna join

  20. just upped a new mix of that (same URL), so if you got it already could you get the new one instead? much appreciates

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