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  1. i am already admin of the NEW mt forum. it is in my own vision, and not stuffed with decades-old trash posts!
  2. Did any of you idiots ever even read up on in ear monitors
  3. i dont love most of their 80s material as much as their 90s material (or marine girls or pre-EBTG solo tracey thorn) because to me a lot of the jazz and bossa-nova elements in their 80s stuff feels a bit forced tbh. i mean i still like it but i dont connect with it as much. their songwriting is a much more natural fit with 90s style singer-songwriter-based adult contemporary styles.
  4. remember when they ripped off 'I Dont Understand Anything' to make 'High and Dry' and how much worse 'High and Dry' is. also it seems, to me, that the best radiohead lyrics are a order of magnitude worse than the the worst EBTG lyrics
  5. Everything But The Girl is so much better than radiohead though... RH doesnt have it
  6. They will play your purse strings... There a sucker born every minute and if you don't know who it is.. it might just be you
  7. Wouldn't know... I stopped listening to them when they changed the name, because I am an actual fan and not a trash noobie
  8. Did you know Radiohead, when they were still called, 'On A Friday'? I didn't think so... poser.
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