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  1. i have creep on my kareoke mic thing. and i tried it, and realized the bridge part is really hard to sing
  2. DICK just think of the feedback you'd get with that name, like you will already have peoples attention before you even start you know
  3. yep pretty much still need a song from PARK, OKC and GLORIOUSMONSTER
  4. the bathroom setting was Heffers bathroom, or Rockos, not sure.
  5. its fucking terrible haha http://youtube.com/watch?v=JJsNX8SmpAA
  6. haha he got banned for that seriously? hahahahahahahahahahahha. can you even do that?> reason for ban: harry potter spoiled
  7. http://ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/r/radiohead/2_2_5_tab.htm
  8. i hope thom doesnt do that stupid falsettoing type thing in the chorus. its gay
  9. yea if all the Winnars can send me new songs we shall be start
  10. its not really supposed to be funny, its a satirical view against the metal heads in my school. and then against those global warming people. and why should he be offended? you realize it takes talent to play instruments, especially when its all of them
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