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  1. go to china town man. great food, bootleg everything. ah crap i accidentely signed in as arobben
  2. they are probably my favorite type of movie to watch, just saw Deliver Us From Evil, about the church's cover ups of pedophilia and crap, i recommend it. what are some good ones you've seen, for i'll most likely rent it
  3. looks damn good. funny how the sniper rifle didnt alert any enemies though
  4. Deliver us From Evil great documentary. anyone seen it?
  5. as long as theres cream cheese, all bagels win
  6. my friend from school wanted a car, so his mom bought him a 350Z. wasnt even the best car in my schools parking lot. damn rich white kids
  7. joo joo john came with me to the store he bought some clothes he said he wanted more i said think of all the poor children that dont have a shirt there living in the sand eating the flies and dirt he said, its ok im a man of my word i wear my shirts proud and i show them to the world but then a big tall man with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg he came to me and said i was once a poor child that didnt have a shirt i was living in the sand eating off flies and dirt but now look at me now man im a winner in this world
  8. im not crying its just been raining on my face
  9. sweet im playing a pokemon isketch match
  10. goalkeeper was absolutely amazing adu and altidore rose to the challenge and we had two college players in the starting lineup. i love the future of the US national team
  11. haha i think all my aliases i used to piss of people. even my normal name i still have the haterz
  12. well i had the original Arobben16. the Flanintheface, raptor jesus, shao kahn, nordicswedeusa, fakeplasticorgy, nebora, and destiny. and all those names are owned by someone right now. i wish i still had raptor jesus
  13. im actually at the 15,000 posts mark. but i dont like having those huge post counts next to my name
  14. i love the multiplayer, when your friend gets a nice shot and sets himself up, only for you to blast into him and ruin everything. good multiplayer game
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