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  1. Deliver us From Evil great documentary. anyone seen it?
  2. i love the multiplayer, when your friend gets a nice shot and sets himself up, only for you to blast into him and ruin everything. good multiplayer game
  3. i love going to ikea, and seeing all the mexicans working there. IKEA IS JUST A LIE
  4. yea, odds are against me there. man i really wish i could learn swedish. back in highschool i lied to everyone that i was swedish. i told them i was born in hudiksvall but moved at an early age, and that my middle name was Svensson. if only i was able to speak swedish, it would've worked perfectly. moral of the story is, my classmates were dumb
  5. yo homies, Kirby's Dream Course is on VC now. kickass
  6. ARobben


    Nani scores on debut. and Chris Eagles scored a hell of a goal, this might be his year to be brought up to the first team
  7. i am afraid, how did they know to bring up girls from one of my neighboring towns
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