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  1. i wanna post pics of my butt all the time. i love mooning people.
  2. as long as everyone is ok with it i dont see the problem
  3. just going to state some things ive witnessed. not looking to start a fight. as an internal starbucks drinker (i work there) i can say that the company isnt that bad. ive worked for placed that are downright horrible to the environment. blockbuster video for example. when they get new taped or dvds in instead of recycling the old ones, or donating them to a library, they damage them and throw them away. starbucks tries to limit their paper waste which is hard with the business they are in. they also have a coffee grind recycle program, "grounds for your garden". instead of throwing away the used coffee grinds, they batch them up into bags for people to use to help with the ph levels in their gardens soil. thats just one of the numerous ways ive witnessed. after working there for some time i also have seen how they treat their personal. all i can say is wow. work at least 20 hours a week and get full medical benefits! you also get the same 401k and stock option plans as any of the high level ceo's. and im at the bottom of the chain working in a store, im not in corporate. they also have countless 'perks' for working there. discounts with other companies, they help raise money for parks and schools. my store manager took one of their days to help build a new playground and paint a school in an urban area that they couldnt afford to do themselves. pretty impressive that a company selling coffee does all this. and lastly, i do bicycle tours to raise money for diabetes and MS. they gave me $1000 towards my ride this fall and i had only been working there for 4 months! now to international issues. they pay more for their coffee then other other US company. this helps rasie the price which farmers charge and increases their well being by earning more money! they also have a huge crdit line with very low interest to help farmers make it though 'bad seasons' so they dont have to borrow from loan sharks or pay extremely high interest rates. this helps keep their farms open and allows them to provide more benefits to their workers. on the environmental level starbucks has set up a practice to ensure that the environment around the coffee farms is not being hurt by the farm itself. waste management, water run off, and other pollutatns have to be managed to a high level in order for starbucks to purchase coffee from a farm. but they go one step further. if a farm that they want to buy coffee from is not at that level. starbucks will help pay for the materials the farm need to get them there. starbucks is also one of the highest purchasing coffee companies of 'fair trade' coffee beans. look up fair trade if you arent sure of what it is (i had to). oh, i also get a free pound of coffee every week and that makes me extremely addicted to caffine! sorry for typos. ask me questions about things if youd like. i like talking about the cool company i work for.
  4. one of two things, 1. the mods who run MT actually have a life unlike you. 2. the mods who run MT dont really care as much as you do. thats about dont you think?
  5. it involves letting people basically do what they want till you get annoyed with the amount of emails/ims/pms you get about someone. then you have to do a little more than post all the time.
  6. get a pic of it. what would you get if you were going to get it?
  7. this thread has been done before, but since there are many new users (most of which i dont know) im making another. do you have a radiohead tattoo? i do...
  8. ok well i pm'd jonathan just now. i guess i will either get banned from this ip and user name, he will inban my ip and old user name, or nothing at all will happen. have to go work now.
  9. Please do not eat me i am a very nice bear i dont want to die!!!
  10. skin me? you are mean. i do not want to die now. i am a nice bear
  11. i voted for fog i think its a pretty song i hope you do too
  12. what is the indigo ? it sounds and looks very nice maybe i should join
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