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  1. Well I got caught up on this thread and it ended with him asking for pith so personally I thought I was being helpful.
  2. See this kind of duality "im being reasonable ...... unlike those other knuckle draggers" kind of posting is obstensibly trolling even if thats not your agenda.
  3. Fuck off you nerd also you stole yr username from one of my parody accounts 8 years ago and never made any friends here.
  4. birdbro

    Rate Your Mixes

    Yeah i didnt end up finding it after all : <
  5. birdbro

    Rate Your Mixes

    this link isnt working in the mobile app for me? Found it either way but HMM
  6. birdbro

    Rate Your Mixes

    Ha that file is an audio memo file i cant easily convert that so fuck it for now. Mi got something else tho im fucking with in the interim thatll be good for an autopsy and ideas for transitions.
  7. birdbro

    Rate Your Mixes

    No you now wtf. I got some mixes i may figure out soon enough, im workin with a guy tho so itll be a weird feedback system if i put that up as tribute
  8. Yeah im with you on all points! I enjoyed the novelty of creep tbh especially after such a groove/drone heavy set. Bloom omg
  9. It was fucking cool dude. Jonnys radiocollage intro ended with "tickets available now to Experience Israel" then boom. Bae cried at nude. Few songs had little teaser intros/grooves, thinking Bloom in particular, but thom also just goofed with the synth for everythinginitsrightplace before counting in. And holy shit they fucking switched up the outro in idioteque.
  10. Yea its got a few alan wrenches its real simple, will take some trial and error to get it snug
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