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  1. nah she was a regular custie like me. she's just plain ignant
  2. i was talking to this girl today in blockbuster and she was all like " yeah i love radiohead, i haven't heard the first album, but pablo honey is my favourite". ... yeah
  3. i'm so behind on RH news have they leaked any album versions yet? i hate live unless i was actually there, or it is an actual decent version that song is okay my personal fave from LP7 is Nude.
  4. you know the song that keeps playing in your head even though you haven't heard it the song that will forever be a favourite, even as many times as you listen to it what is it? me: everything in its right place
  5. NO way. A BLACK guy likes Radiohead? This is outrageous!
  6. beards make me horny these days
  7. 8. I consider Amnesiac a 9, and Kid A/OK Computer 10s.
  8. Aleshia


    Its HILARIOUS! I laughed HEAPS when I thought about it.
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