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  1. in limbo i'm pretty sure i've heard in a live recording. I heard paperbag when I saw atoms for peace live. Pearly is in Meeting people is easy. I would KILL to hear amazing sounds of orgy live. and i'd give up a klondike bar for polyethylene.
  2. there are so many flaws with their ten point scale. that aside, not giving this album best new music was also pretty low. They're giving a higher value to their "image" (which I think they're trying to dismiss the RH loving image) than they are to some kind of proper review.
  3. haha no but I have an ID that says I am. you have a show coming up?

  4. The Gloaming performed live by radiohead sounds completely different than the album version anyway. You guys could try that.
  5. My guess is that it'll be radiohead's most misunderstood album but most liked by those who think they get it.
  6. really cool articles. i wanna get that beatles book he talks about.
  7. http://radiohead.com/Archive/Site1/raves.html found this in their memory hole. Radiohead with a sense of humor! lol
  8. the dub really comes through in the new nude and i think that's as close as they're getting. i'd love to hear bossa nova, yeah also, disco. Jesus they'd make fucking INCREDIBLE disco if thom just got his shit together.
  9. hi! sorry i haven't sent you the track yet. i have been really busy the past two weeks. i'll try to get it done tonight or tomorrow. promise!

  10. Hey dude. It's been a while and I was just wondering about the track. I been busy with school now so I haven't been as focused on music but let me know how your progress is. The release I was hoping to put this on I've postponed for a while but just waitin' to hear from ya.


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