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  1. Can you picture actually having an autograph like that? Like at the bank or something. The looks you would get. I bet it looks better in crayon too.
  2. it's a combination of being kinda goth and kinda 60s mod.
  3. i think my boyfriend got me started with radiohead and then one spring i was obsessed with hail to the thief. so that's about it. fucking love that album still.
  4. yikes. sudden acute elephantitus in the peel while sexing?
  5. i still think of "juice" in feral after someone posted those lyrics a while back. now i can't imagine it as anything else and i kinda like thinking he's singing about juice.
  6. agreed. i love both but wsyb wins for me. probs been said before but, hail to the thief is my favorite R album. in fact, it constantly vies for my #1 favorite album ever. i adore sit down stand up and it's one of my favorite songs in general.
  7. maybe i misinterpreted this thread. i thought it was for just the free newspaper you got at the store. i didn't buy the whole newspaper album package.
  8. mine doesn't say anything about editions at all; there is nothing. i guess i got a loser copy.
  9. morning mr magpie cuz it's my favorite and i am interested to see how they would perform the second half of the song where it goes a little crazy.
  10. wow is that different. at first i didn't like it because i don't like that swingy/twangy guitar before the first lyrics, but it gets better as it goes on. ah to think of all the different ways they could do all their songs! is there a place where someone has collected versions of songs that are totally different from the album versions? after having this album for a week i still like this song the best, although codex is growing on me.
  11. it's true. the sound quality is always so good too. i picked up com lag deluxe EP and i think airbag/how am i driving EP when i was in tokyo a few years ago. ahhh there always seems to be more various versions of certain songs that i just don't have.. and want!
  12. motherfucker so unfair. i was SO disappointed in the packaging to say the least. i wonder if the japanese version was/is available to buy from outside the country. or FUCK i have a friend in japan i should have just asked him to buy and send me one dammit!
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