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  1. there was some music they put on das lately. I had that downloaded from hodiaudirekton page. and listened to it a few times. Which has haunting kinda humanoid voice in it. And I kept hearing that vaguely all thru the day. If the hodiau page worked well and did not put that function to the page, to play it partially in the background, or if it wasnt a virus playing itself, then I reeeaaaally had the hearings. I'm sure. I could hear the exact melody. But parts from the soundclip, like they are completing the whole. It was scary. I couldnt listen to it once again til that day.
  2. wow. I'd do the exact same thing if they asked me. I'd be peaceful in a coffin for hours if they let me listen to KID A (probably) and I never had a achance to add this smiley so forgive me I cant wait any longer to have any relatedness in the message. Dancin thom
  3. vuslat

    Rainy day artwork

    I'm muted by your talent and the radioheadedness in your nature. wow. I liked eiirp and videotape the best. and the blue color eating creature in one of those ---- great great work. you gave me inspiration.. ... wow.
  4. its nice. but, ... its nice. My brain hurts in scattery by the way. *hurts*
  5. I think the movie didn't have much to say. Or much to say to me. I cant say I liked it. It was a mess. Like my brain. The black swan was suitable imo. It was most suitable for the movie. Yeah. Cos this is fucked up, fucked up.
  6. hi people I'm here for a while. not here for another while. so see you here and there
  7. someone has a version of optimistic, any version? preferably not too altered or too acoustic? thankies..
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