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  1. i got mine! no email yet though. im guessing this wont sell out for a while. downsview is huge.
  2. actually, I think the pre-sale date might be the 8th... if they dont announce anything else.
  3. no pass. just need to be a waste member. up to 4 tickets can be bought. it does get really slow.
  4. Last time pre-sale was 2 days before I think? And they went on sale at like 9am. I'm waiting to see the pre-sale date too.
  5. nice. early paranoid android is great too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzbXvWqK_H4
  6. I'm having trouble finding the proper lyrics for this song. I need specifically the first 3 verses. (making a short animation) Here's a couple that I've found, but have different lyrics: 1. "It's like I'm falling out of bed From a long, weary dream The sweetest flowers and fruits hang from the trees Falling off the giant bird that's been carrying me It's like I'm falling out of bed from a long and vivid dream Just exactly as I remember Every word Every gesture I'm a heart in cold ground Like I'm falling out of bed From a long and weary dream Finally I'm free of all th
  7. wish it was on TKOL. one of my favorite unreleased songs. damn hoserama.
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