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  1. i dunno sleepyjack - this summer we had the best watermelon i've had in years. and it was seedless. *shrug*
  2. chroma

    2019 Other Music

    yesterday i read an interview neil young did recently, i think with the new york times, and what a grumpy old man.
  3. what is yours? we recently got hulu and i've been binge watching veronica mars.
  4. chroma


    yeah scary times. thanks sleepy jack.
  5. sometimes it was that people just wanted a different name, since back then we couldn't change our names. a lot of it was for playing pranks. i think there were probably a few who wanted anonymity - they still wanted to join in conversations but didn't want people seeing the name and not taking them seriously because of the name.
  6. chroma

    Ode to Joy

    new wilco album coming this fall https://wilcoworld.net/
  7. chroma


    I have always wanted to go to the garlic festival but it coincides with a special family date so we always pass. it sounds like it would be fun tho. i know what you mean about the smell, tho - at giants games its a tossup what smells worse - the garlic fries or all the beer that inevitably gets spilled all over. anyways we never went when we lived there but we really did only live there 1 summer when i was a kid - the only thing i remember about that was having swimming lessons, which were great cuz it was so blazing hot all the time. my daughter is going to Humboldt right now, and there is a problem there in Arcata with meth addicts, plus a town nearby that is supposedly a hotbed of kkk people. they're all coming out of the woodwork now, thanks probably to trump. but i think everywhere you go there's going to be a degree of that problem. we can't let it keep us from being where we need or want to be - honestly, people need especially go to those places and re-establish a level of decency that's being driven out by the hateful.
  8. chroma


    yeah i always feel a little uncomfortable about location. usually will just say the general area, or even just nor cal. truthfully, i've lived in a lot of different towns in the bay area all my life, so its honest to just say sfbay area. my parents moved often when i was growing up, but always within this area - the furthest away they went was gilroy for a whole summer. my step-papa was a rolling stone. wherever he laid his hat . . . anyways, we've been talking about moving out of state in like 10 years or so. maybe oregon. maybe somewhere else. needs to be a coastline, tho.
  9. chroma


  10. yeah jimi (inhauntedattics) mentioned on facebook he couldn't log in on that account either
  11. don't lie its the spaghetti monster
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