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  1. chroma


    I have always wanted to go to the garlic festival but it coincides with a special family date so we always pass. it sounds like it would be fun tho. i know what you mean about the smell, tho - at giants games its a tossup what smells worse - the garlic fries or all the beer that inevitably gets spilled all over. anyways we never went when we lived there but we really did only live there 1 summer when i was a kid - the only thing i remember about that was having swimming lessons, which were great cuz it was so blazing hot all the time. my daughter is going to Humboldt right now, and there is a problem there in Arcata with meth addicts, plus a town nearby that is supposedly a hotbed of kkk people. they're all coming out of the woodwork now, thanks probably to trump. but i think everywhere you go there's going to be a degree of that problem. we can't let it keep us from being where we need or want to be - honestly, people need especially go to those places and re-establish a level of decency that's being driven out by the hateful.
  2. chroma


    yeah i always feel a little uncomfortable about location. usually will just say the general area, or even just nor cal. truthfully, i've lived in a lot of different towns in the bay area all my life, so its honest to just say sfbay area. my parents moved often when i was growing up, but always within this area - the furthest away they went was gilroy for a whole summer. my step-papa was a rolling stone. wherever he laid his hat . . . anyways, we've been talking about moving out of state in like 10 years or so. maybe oregon. maybe somewhere else. needs to be a coastline, tho.
  3. chroma


  4. yeah jimi (inhauntedattics) mentioned on facebook he couldn't log in on that account either
  5. don't lie its the spaghetti monster
  6. hey i been ugly crying for 2 years. more. nghgh
  7. um, well that would feel creepy. well actually i see he's deleted it now. sorry. but he's still around some, so thats a good sign, yes?
  8. no lie i feel like i've been in a serious funk ever since the 2016 election - and I mean the whole year of 2016 with all the campaigns and bs flung far and wide, it was just a big depressing clusterfuck. and everything suffered for that. everything. everyone i know has been depressed. every social media thing i did went quiet. bands stopped making music. birds stopped tweeting. turtles stopped turtling. everything seemed to go into this big cocoon of "wtf has happened and why won't it end?" i would be very happy to return to a better time and a bunch of nice radiohead albums would make a big difference.
  9. just posted a new profile pic on twitter. he's lookin good!
  10. i kind of like the idea of a ghost ship mt, just cruising on forever, echoes of good times in the air. actually, thats really depressing.
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