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  1. i used to use italics for that. and back in the day you could make the text color grey or the text smaller to indicate it was meant as a whisper.
  2. well, you read a post and maybe sometimes it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. sometimes you smile. thats how you like a post.
  3. yea got this notification and haven't had time yet to properly peruse, just bookmarked it for later. should be pretty cool
  4. chroma


  5. hey i been ugly crying for 2 years. more. nghgh
  6. no lie i feel like i've been in a serious funk ever since the 2016 election - and I mean the whole year of 2016 with all the campaigns and bs flung far and wide, it was just a big depressing clusterfuck. and everything suffered for that. everything. everyone i know has been depressed. every social media thing i did went quiet. bands stopped making music. birds stopped tweeting. turtles stopped turtling. everything seemed to go into this big cocoon of "wtf has happened and why won't it end?" i would be very happy to return to a better time and a bunch of nice radiohead albums would make a big difference.
  7. I know that fan sites and message boards aren't really a thing these days. I don't know how it is for newer bands - if they have this kind of fan community stuff somewhere. surely they must. people will still want to talk about their favorite bands with others who share their enthusiasm. only the methods of doing so change. on mt, everybody went to slack. but people have been saying rh is getting ready to disband for as long as I've been here. 3 albums, umpteen solo projects, and however many tours later, still hasn't happened. it could, obviously. nothing lasts forever. tho I don't really know why they'd need to. as it is they each go off and do their own thing in between rh stuff, and it all works out. i hope they never formally disband - that always comes across as a negative, like they don't want to work together anymore, or can't get along or something. there's this view that they're all old friends from school, extended family, and that's pretty nice to think about. better than it being just a business to them.
  8. https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/12/radiohead-react-comment-rock-roll-induction/
  9. yeah jonathan get right on that, please.
  10. i know he pays for the server
  11. i honestly thought he decided to let it lapse.
  12. goddammit why is the shifty emoji broken?
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