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  1. album preorders up! https://store-us.thesmiletheband.com/ sorry just realised thats only the us store. don't have a link for other, but surely someone will supply.
  2. they covered joe jackson?! what??!!
  3. so Jonny and Thom, and a new drummer. song is interesting, seems a bit murky sounding but that may just be my speakers atm. hm hmmm
  4. as far as i can tell skuj is not banned. maybe something is glitchy for him.
  5. i pre-ordered it. and the book thingy. still a fan. edit - wow i earned a newbie badge for making this post! huzzah!
  6. dude please stop deleting your posts. its either wall of text or a little emoticon that means you deleted it when someone called you on it
  7. i like to play amnesiac when i'm driving. especially at night. just is really really good then.
  8. still love amnesiac, and kid a. they flip flop regularly about which i prefer. haven't listened to either in awhile, but when i think "do i feel like listening to rh right now?" those 2 are the ones i want to hear the most.
  9. well sure your tastes change. thats my point - nothing wrong with the music, its you that changed. i still enjoy that album, but tbh i don't listen to any band much these days. lately its all classical. but i still consider rh one of my favorite bands. don't think i'd consider myself a 'stan', quite. i don't know, i don't like to over analyze music, though i appreciate when i do realize something profound has occurred. its more of an emotional connection, i think. which, thank god, is one reason i don't have to analyze it to feel it. i do like what Bjork said there, and what she's saying may be a universal thing that a lot of artists go through, and fans of artists go through, but at the same time it's personal how you go through it. what you take from the things you hear and like and find meaningful or exciting, and then move beyond that.
  10. do you even like radiohead, tho? it seems like most things you post are how much you really really hate them. interesting to look at that review of an album that was the latest thing the band had done at that time, and then all these thing like king of limbs and in rainbows came later, and it changed your perspective of kid a. like its just a constant evolution of your thinking on things you experience in life. who knows if anythings good or bad, what you think when you heard it in 2000 and then later 2020, its like it must be totally different music. but of course, it isn't. its you thats changed.
  11. so, today the New Yorker reprinted a Nick Hornby 'essay' about kid a, not sure why they don't want to call it a review, which it essentially is. "Beyond the Pale". It's so weird to read things that were written about this band 20 years ago, and man - 20 YEARS AGO! honestly, i didn't really listen to radiohead then, didn't start til a year or so later than that with amnesiac. it wasn't anything i read about them that made me want to hear them, certainly not this thing by nick hornby. he did say enough good things about them that they would seem intriguing, i suppose. but the thing came across like a very self conscious thing, like he really wanted you to know he was judging them, not a fanboy at all, no, even if he did devote a whole paragraph to creep. and he did not like kid a much at all. which is just bizarre to me. just kind of weird reading it these days.
  12. what is your other account name? but actually, that's something only an admin can do so I suggest you send Jonathan a pm
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