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  1. Thanks for helping me by resetting my password @jonathan ! I'd like to echo Cindy's call for off-topic forums to once again require login for access if at all possible, there's some real dumb stuff from all of us on this site that at the very least should remain outside of the range of google searches if at all possible.
  2. seems like a good place to make a post about not wanting to post in this place anymore.
  3. guessin this is cause i was samurai but its pretty cool so i'll accept it. thank you for the honor.
  4. i got a new sweater, a camera lens coffee cup, some sick prismacolor colored pencils, whole foods gift card, alphaville dvd, warhol 2012 calendar, a fancy new red kurig coffee maker, whole foods giftcard, and an opportunity to disappoint my family. yuppie christmas 2012 holla.
  5. fuxkkk yeah it will kill me in my sleep CANT WAIT it also makes spooky music like OOOOOWEEEEEOOOOOOOOH
  6. im sorta obsessed with my boots i got from h&m like i just wear them pr mch ev day. so damn comfy got a girly xmas gift it's black tights with a backseam apparently in the European Hosery dept at Macy's.does that mean its Risque ? can i post this butt here? hehe woof.
  7. 7 or 8 i hate myself good thread!
  8. dont really wanna cut my hairs but i wanna DO something with them, i never style it, i don't know how except the occasional french braid. : (
  9. LETS DO THIS. also yes aidan went to p4k i can confirm this! editt: oh in oh 9 im not posi but probi.
  10. goin 2 st louis 2012 midwest bitches wanna meet me linin up at the airport just to greet me cuz im the greatest fuk yall ali cant even defeat me i just need a slice of pizza and a 40 to complete me. If anyone's around the area it would be very nice to hang out. : )
  11. rose i expected you to say http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dhyw30g__Q
  12. songs w/ violins - > post them here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te4JrdJcjzk i hope they're all SAD : )
  13. oh and you are new here or somethin right? hello i am liz and i'll send you both a pm when i know precisely when i will be in town!
  14. goin 2 st. louis in feb. any midwesty mters wanna show me n my friend the ropes for a night?
  15. yeah it def got depressing when its just about unhappy 30somethings and their rship problems... too much "bro"ing also. stop it. i wanna meet the mother damnit.
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