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  1. {reserving post #2 in case people actually wanna play}
  2. anyone into this? shit's lookin pretty outside, i think i'd like to revisit my favorite hobby of picture taking and i invite you along for the ride. assignments will be announced every Monday. same rules as last time: so... basically you have a week to post your submission to the themes i choose. late entries are okay but try your best to keep up. please try to post what kind of camera and film you used, what f/ and shutter speed if you remember, and if you did any digital editing or used any special developing process. this is for fun and for getting other opinions on your work so that you can improve and kill some time with a constructive hobby. thoughts? ideas for themes? : ) ?
  3. occupy wallstreeters says yes its happening but pr reps for the band say uh no this never was going to happen and definitely will not happen, someone said that they're not actually playing a concert but they'll like check it out or something i guess? and fox news says its been confirmed so it probably is just bullshit publicity stunt for people to pay attention to this previously vastly overlooked cause. maybe something will happen.
  4. i got a text from a friend of mine at occupy wall st a few minutes ago saying they're playing at 4...
  5. shit, Love, i don't want any of my browser history chilling in my workspace namean.
  6. yo when i log in while at work i don't have time to type in /really_bored alright?
  7. like i dunno at least make the background white so it blends into the page, just changing the levels would do that in a minute. i don't mind the hand drawn aspect, it is sort of cool, but it just looks like really sloppy imho
  8. www.mortigitempo.com i mean im just sayin.. really?
  9. see this is why we need to bring the .gif back to mt. it's making people think we're unfriendly. i like you though, madmatt321.
  10. sorry i guess early 30s still seemed way older when i was posting here at 18 and she was an active member but yeah you're right. i suppose i just meant that she fell into the category of more mature posters and sometimes i think mt has a weird relationship with integrating them. boarding about boarding...
  11. we're not so good at being nice to sexually active women over 40 on this board.
  12. jonathan i have been posting here for like 7 years and have never asked for anything, but this.... this is necessary. X Samurai
  13. shit, i'm glad i found this old post in this old thread. i forgot about this band but i still love them yes.
  14. zach your song turned out great, it really means a lot to me that you used those words i put together so many years ago. i'm just a giant sentimental sap and i think you translated what i meant really well so i voted for you. logjammer's spot on with the built to spill tag, also. but i love how the toy seriously sounds like its straight from the 60s folk storytelling acoustic movement. it's great, i love that familiar feeling.
  15. i wanna be able to click on the number of posts in a thread and then click on the number of posts made by an individual poster and have it display that posters posts in that thread
  16. dang. s'pretty good. i'm not respected though! ha i think im going with $10-15 unframed, $20-25 framed, i talked to a friend who is also selling some of her pics and that's what sheee said she's doing. i hope they turn out OK
  17. Dearest Your Arters, Do any of you have experience selling your creations? Whether its fine arts, photography, music, video, etc.. how do you market your wares? Do you guys have websites or attend events? How do you assess how much a piece of your art is worth? Tomorrow I will be selling some photography prints for a charity orginization, but I'm sort of clueless on how to price them. There are 10 8.5x11" prints that cost ~$3 to print, each, plus the cost of film and negative processing. I want to bring the prints and a couple empty frames and offer a price for framed or unframed-- what do you think would be a reasonable amount to ask? It's for charity so me making a profit isn't really an issue, I just want to make sure I'm being reasonable so that the org. I'm doing this for will benefit as much as possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  18. thom is more of a musician than a DJ (usually) so maybe he's hoping other people will dub-down his work.
  19. that would be equally as awesome
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