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  1. dude you're like never on gchat. but i will keep that in mind :D

  2. glad you're doing well. chat me up on the fb or gmail thingy sometime if you wanna TALK. : )

  3. glad you're doing well. chat me up on the fb or gmail thingy sometime if you wanna TALK. : )

  4. OoOo. Pretty Okay is good...better than just okay :). I've been the same old, a little older maybe, but life is...good.

    uh, that's all i got. anyway, back into hiding.

  5. things are pretty okay around here. how've you been, stranger?

  6. There are no actions to display

  7. liz did you see my post about the vhs/vcr dfkjngfsdjkhgn

  8. i want that.. nice find, irene.

  9. occupy wallstreeters says yes its happening but pr reps for the band say uh no this never was going to happen and definitely will not happen, someone said that they're not actually playing a concert but they'll like check it out or something i guess? and fox news says its been confirmed so it probably is just bullshit publicity stunt for people to pay attention to this previously vastly overlooked cause. maybe something will happen.
  10. i got a text from a friend of mine at occupy wall st a few minutes ago saying they're playing at 4...
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