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  1. 2+2=5 is in the lead! pyramid song will always be the overrated shit though.
  2. you always vote for the right one
  3. I never thought Packt'd be in the lead.
  4. you got the airbag you're so paranoid homesick no, let's ride let's not karma
  5. make a poll, and if one of the options is right, i will tell you
  6. erm, no arbag.. good pa.. it feels like a incomplete song sha.. erm, no. em.. doesnt seem to go anywhere ld.. great kp.. erm, ok fh.. erm, no electioneerinf.. crap cup.. boring ns.. ok. doesnt seem to go anywhere either lucky.. crap the tourist.. COMPLETE crap so.. you>airbag creep>pa hdy>sha sw>em ld>tay kp>acpg ripcord>fh vegetable>electioneeing pys>cup ns>i cant lucky>lurgee bo>the tourist cup = cutw, btw
  7. i disagree there aren't always different tastes many people like okc because it's cool to like they don't trust their own opinion i'm not gonna say i feel 100% good about myself i ripped off sean jonhston but look how bad it went out stop likeing things because it's cool
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