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  1. Eraser stands up. Thom had things to say, needed to stretch. Anima is growing on me, but I treat it as a really good environmental album. Those synths remind me of Boards of Canada and my childhood so I'm a sucker. As for AMSP being 128th... we've probably spent more time giving half a shit here than Radiohead have collectively.
  2. It reminds me of old Boards of Canada, but I am really loving it.It's growing on me. I saw him in Toronto and that really helped solidify Dawn Chorus for me. Twenty feet in front of the sound table is where the sweet mix is.
  3. Think most of the kids where there from what I could tell. There were quite a few back stage. Really sad I didnt get night two but still, night one was amazing. I want to go back (((((((((((((( Yeah today was kind of the emotional high crash from seeing them, but I accomplished my goals. See them both nights, check. Get GA tickets for one night (friday), check. Use the empty space at the back of the GA pit to dance and freak out, while being respectful of other peoples spaces, check. Sorry you didn't get the two nights. I had tickets from WASTE for friday and got 1 off ticket master on public sale day.
  4. I was at both shows in Toronto. They were un-fucking-believable. 47 different songs over 2 nights. I'm still buzzing. Going on what I think I recall Filmfanb saying a page ago, I guess it was Jonny's kids I saw in the sound booth on Friday night. So cool.
  5. Toronto night 1 - single seat via Ticketmaster Toronto night 2 - 4 floors via WASTE
  6. It looks like his pony tail would bobble too.
  7. I had my tickets, I was ready to go, and then the sad news came in. I'm throwing this poll up out of curiosity and what MT thought about the chances of Radiohead doing a make up date for the cancelled Toronto show. There would be a slew of logistics and financial feasibility for them to work through to make it happen but that doesn't mean I am not curious to hear what you all think.
  8. Got my PBS TV guide yesterday. Radiohead's Austin City Limits air date is 11:30 pm on Friday October 12th. That's for Ontario and Buffalo anyways. Hopefully I'll catch that cus I know I didn't see them this year. Arcade Fire is on the Friday before for those interested.
  9. For those in fear of Jonny's Martenot being destroyed, fear not. He uses a controller not the real Martenot that he owns. Here look http://www.analoguesystems.co.uk/index2.htm Down at the bottom of this page you will see a little blurb about how Jonny commissioned Analogue Systems to create it for him over ten years ago.
  10. I said it would be a monumental waste of money for them to have separate gear for every single country, which they don't, because no one would do that. It would be beyond stupid. Sorry for missing your previous post, I started skimming when a lot of the conversation was repeating the Toronto show thread. I'm just recalling an article I read that they had duplicated their tour gear to leave in storage in North America. Would it cost a lot of money? Yes. Separate gear for each country? Doubt it. But I believe that their carbon footprint was heavy on their minds at the time and although it would be possibly financially ridiculous, ecologically maybe not. I'll see if I can find the article. I found one talking about slow boating their gear over seas, which if they did to get it back to Europe would talk longer than two weeks I believe. Any how I think I started talking about this to assuage the fears of those who are waiting to see them play.
  11. To say that they have separate gear for each country based on it's plugs (as someone did in the other thread) is silly. Yes it is silly. But there are numerous reports that they copied their gear for North American shows. You say it would be expensive "monumental waste of money" however the logistics of having one set of gear and shipping it around the world be it by plane or ocean not only would work its way up to an astounding amount of money in itself but would be just as silly if a group of peoples soul income was playing music and had no sort of back up in place should their equipment be lost, broken, stolen, held up in customs, lost at sea, burned in a car crash and so on. The gear in Toronto is not their only set of gear.
  12. WASTE just refunded my money. Don't know if it was a result of my message yesterday or automatic. Well....I didn't know Mr. Thompson and I don't know Radiohead or their crew but I've been feeling sad for them the last couple of days. I hope they come out of this in the best shape they could.
  13. They will play again, and almost definitely play the the European tour. Contracts have been signed and default clauses included which is the sad side of the business. Radiohead had there North American gear crushed but as it has been before, back in 2006 they basically copied their gear and leave it in storage locker to minimize carbon foot prints to ship it back and forth. The European gear is fine, they will have back ups... think about the electrical socket difference between N.A. and Europe The stage collapse will result in a long investigation and time will tell. Several different groups unfamiliar with each other putting together a 70 foot high load bearing structure in three days, along with being hot and tired(last show of this leg) may have been partly responsible, but again time will tell. My four tickets for the downsview show are sitting in my room and I just asked WASTE to send my refund to Scott Johnson's family/fund. I am sad like I friend I hadn't seen in a long time passed away, my Heart and Soul go out to all involved.
  14. Perhaps when we get our mailing notifications, and there is a special line, they may let us know then.
  15. Plus they slapped an shipping charge on my order so...
  16. I'm pretty sure they are getting mailed. I got some this time around and last, so be prepared, you might shit your pants when you don't get them until a few days before the show. Hopefully they'll send a tracking number when they are mailed out.
  17. I think the only benefit to WASTE tickets depends on if there are seats or not. I had WASTE tickets for the Toronto Molson Amp. in 2008 and the seats were real decent. But Downsview is GA and a WASTE line up sounds unlikely, or at least I've never heard of one.
  18. WeAreOne I got seated tickets off Waste 2008 and they were pretty good. Right next to the sound booth where the sound is perfect, and close to Radiohead's family.
  19. I love it when my heart starts running like a rabbit staring at a screen saying "waiting for sandbag" Sandbag is now filled with 4 tickets.
  20. Nope, but it's been kicking me out all morning trying to refresh... I blame solar flares.
  21. It was both shows with the rainbow... 'cept Toronto got double rainbows... full on.
  22. The best Radiohead concert I ever saw was outside, and Molson Amphifucker doesn't count.
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