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  1. New TV show with Nathan Fillion. The Rookie. I don't feel that guilty about it, I'm comfortable with my man crush.
  2. It reminds me of old Boards of Canada, but I am really loving it.It's growing on me. I saw him in Toronto and that really helped solidify Dawn Chorus for me. Twenty feet in front of the sound table is where the sweet mix is.
  3. Think most of the kids where there from what I could tell. There were quite a few back stage. Really sad I didnt get night two but still, night one was amazing. I want to go back (((((((((((((( Yeah today was kind of the emotional high crash from seeing them, but I accomplished my goals. See them both nights, check. Get GA tickets for one night (friday), check. Use the empty space at the back of the GA pit to dance and freak out, while being respectful of other peoples spaces, check. Sorry you didn't get the two nights. I had tickets from WASTE for friday and got 1 off ticket master on public sale day.
  4. I was at both shows in Toronto. They were un-fucking-believable. 47 different songs over 2 nights. I'm still buzzing. Going on what I think I recall Filmfanb saying a page ago, I guess it was Jonny's kids I saw in the sound booth on Friday night. So cool.
  5. # & Location


    Canada, where everyone is really nice... but scary creepy nice... holding on by a thread... it's grey outside again... always grey... forever, and ever. I'd blow my brains out if I'd thought I'd see a little colour for just a precious vibrant moment. But seriously, looking forward to t-shirt weather.
  6. Toronto night 1 - single seat via Ticketmaster Toronto night 2 - 4 floors via WASTE
  7. Yes, there are movies/films that are fun and escapist. I have no real issues with them, some of them are good in my opinion. Guilty pleasures. With Star Trek though, along with other films/movies, there is a Legacy to be strived for. This is dependent on ones perception or expectation, of course, of what is considered legacy worthy. This was brought up in The People vs George Lucas... We love it and want it to be as good as it could be.
  8. I saw it last night... it was alright. I wish they had just taken the character development of the first one as read and continued from there but they really didn't. IE. We got Kirk was a horn dog in the last one and they just leaned in on it in this one, there was nothing really new. None of the characters grew since we last saw them I think I got old and punchy because I've just been picking it apart for the last 20 hours. It was fun, but it had a lot of expectation working against it because the last one was so good. And why did they fuck around with Benedict's character? Just put him up front and let him be awesome, don't doddle with that shit. They so could have played up the battle of wits instead of some tired fist fights. Maybe that's a problem with the hectic pace of the movie, maybe they thought some interesting conversations/ intellectual sparring would slow it down. Nevermind, I just IMDB'd the writers... I'm glad they have jobs and can support their children.
  9. Well you did just perform an excellent use of ellipsis. chin up big guy.
  10. It's time to sign up for my next improv class and I feel so unfunny lately that I'm debating whether to sign up or not. Stupid fickle self esteem, I blame my ego for all of my self doubt. Maybe I'll just stop trying and that'll sort it out. Loud, Proud, and Wrong.
  11. It looks like his pony tail would bobble too.
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