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  1. yeah, what i should say is that MT was my intro to internet culture or maybe just when i started using the internet a whole lot i was on MT because i was into radiohead and i was into radiohead because i downloaded their music from the internet
  2. i started reading pride and prejudice. it's okay so far. it's a very easy read, though. i'm like a third of the way through it in only two or three hours
  3. manpanther


    also somebody screwed up big time and made me a moderator no joke
  4. MT was basically my intro to the internet. it was scary, o brave new world with such interbutts in it
  5. manpanther


    you're in luck anyway. it's mt classic week where many people have switched to usernames and avatars from years past otherwise you would know no one edit: but roger doesn't really post here anymore because he's busy marrying and impregnating other mortigo tempians
  6. i dunno if i didn't know what it meant or if i was playing dumb but i'm not talking about not knowing stuff, i'm talking about bein' a straight up dumbass
  7. but i mean i used to be such a moron remember. i mean i'm probably still a moron, but that's for ~29-year-old me to decide
  8. manpanther


    oh look who came crawling back
  9. so this thing is pretty awful for reading pdfs, which is the primary reason i got it. there is no landscape mode and in portait, the text is way too small to read. you can zoom in, but the text does not reformat, so you have to horiztontally scroll constantly to be able to read. then you have to reset normal zoom to turn the page and zoom back in. pretty much impossible to read pdfs thinking about returning it and getting an older model which has better pdf support
  10. manpanther

    MLB Thread

    also, yeah maybe, but also when i have two posts of yours right next to each other that directly contradict each other and when your arguments are constantly changing throughout the conversation, maybe it's not my fault
  11. manpanther

    MLB Thread

    because of poor reasoning and analysis of the voters i dunno whether it's tough or not, but the fact is that very smart people have figured out an empirical way to do so with reasonable accuracy. the links toward the bottom of this page would be a good place to start if you're interested http://www.fangraphs.com/library/index.php/misc/war/
  12. manpanther

    MLB Thread

    i'm not sure how any of your posts are really even attempting to refute my claims it seems like every other post is making a different, contradictory point. i'm not interested in arguing who had the better season. i have a lot of faith in wins above replacement, by which several players were quite a bit better than verlander the only point i'm trying to get across is that the most valuable player in a league can be on the worst team in the league. a resource is no less valuable just because it is squandered.
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