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  1. manpanther


    also somebody screwed up big time and made me a moderator no joke
  2. manpanther


    you're in luck anyway. it's mt classic week where many people have switched to usernames and avatars from years past otherwise you would know no one edit: but roger doesn't really post here anymore because he's busy marrying and impregnating other mortigo tempians
  3. manpanther


    oh look who came crawling back
  4. man, i just switched accounts what's with the influx of these threads. is the album supposed to be released soon or something?
  5. i'm not such a ****** that i don't know the difference between your and you're
  6. he'd actually probably say the liars or something equally bad
  7. yeah next you'll be telling hitler that hating jews is a bizarre attitude to take
  8. your name is lalo. maybe if you had an awesome name like big bob
  9. well i'm here to say, you got a friend in me. if anyone gives you shit, just throw my name around. y'hear, big bob?
  10. his opinion on religion is that you should shut up and listen to coltrane
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