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  1. Hooooly shit - I've been a member here for 10 years. What?!
  2. Been thinking this a lot. I like the idea that the last 3 are a trilogy - although if they are it's completely unintentional and a happy accident. Sonicaly there are more organic instruments than the last era, its all a bit warmer (1st half of TKOL being the exception) and the vocals being mostly clean and front center... and the artwork for all 3 feel of a piece too actually. To crudely theme them up... - In Rainbows is about infidelity - King of Limbs is about wilderness - A Moon Shaped Pool - think its all about loss, and that loss being peoples fault, sad as fuuck The titles of all 3 are full of nature imagery Hahaha this could be the wankyest Radiohead post I've ever done edit: oh! and and and - its all more human and physical... kid a to httt feels very bleak and glacial compared to these 3. Oh! and these 3 took forever to come out - trilogy confirmed
  3. Thanks for that Office Chart - good read. Really hope one of them does Adam Buxton's podcast. Maybe in a decade or so we'll get a book about radiohead by Ed or Colin - that would ace
  4. Maybe they are finally going to jump out of that pie
  5. That's crazy talk! I thought it was a song about Thom doing his freaky dance getting lost in feeling the good vibes whenever his mrs, her indoors the ball n' chain, is giving him grief 'distance is like a weapon' just sounds kinda bland and song-y and hack by comparison... cod-marriage councilor 'fix you' level human insight Well aware I could be dead wrong on this - guess I'm deciding how I want to hear it
  6. Present Tense starts with "This Dance is like a weapon" not "Distance is like a weapon" right? Internet's making me doubt myself. Also the first line of decks dark I'm hearing as "At the end of your life their comes a darkness," I like how I'm hearing those though... Reminds me of some guy on here once saying he misheard 'from a great height...' in paranoid android as 'Farmer Grape, right?' hahaha
  7. Going to be at least that time for it to sink in. need to get monday off work to go for a massive walk and listen
  8. First time round I though that bit where he goes all bear/orchestra/robot voice he was going 'I'm not here this isn't happening' not sure he is now - but damn that bit gave me the willies 4th listen - beautiful. Kinda glad we still know fuck all about the album - tracklist/name whatevs - they nailed this build up
  9. Does this spotify tinkering make burn the witch look more like a stand alone single?
  10. Well that doesn't make a lick of sense. Respect Thom's possition on Spotify and all - but its just so inconvenient playing music off differnt software/devices. What are they faffing about for?
  11. Oh Christ I need to see this live with a full orchestra
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