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  1. Just thought I should mention.. There won't be a pre-sale on Live Nation or Ticketmaster anymore (I don't know why). Still on WASTE of course. Edit to add: You should be refreshing this page http://tickets.waste.uk.com/Store/DisplayItems.html
  2. OMG so excited. I don't know the exact capacity for Downsview Park but it's way bigger than Molson Amphitheatre and Hummingbird/Sony Centre so there's a much better chance we'll get tickets. Apparently there were almost 1 million at "SARS Fest" (w/ Rolling Stones and AC/DC). This site posted codes for previous shows so it might show up there. I don't know where it's "officially" posted. Last Toronto show the code was from The Edge 102. Edit: I went to the Live Nation FB page and it was posted there. "saxophone".
  3. WASTE pre-sale will be Thurstday March 8th. For the 2008 tour, they went on sale some time between 8-9am, and yeah, it crashed for me because it was so overloaded and I didn't get tickets from WASTE, but they may have improved it since then. (Pretty sure) you should be refreshnig this page, and IIRC you can get 4 tickets at the most on WASTE. You don't need a code for the WASTE pre-sale, but you will for Ticketmaster and/or Livenation (not sure where it is exactly). Go to "On Sale Dates and Times" on the TM page for details. They go onsale for the general public on the 9th.
  4. 5. Feral 6. Subterranean Homesick Alien
  5. i'm so sad about this . when he announced he was ill again, you could see that he looked really sick, but i just assumed it would take quite a while for him to recover and that he would be up and running again in fall or winter. NDP was so successful in the last election and i think a lot of it was due to him.. even before i could vote, hearing him had me a bit hopeful for the coming years and it turned my apathy around. despite the conservative majority, i really felt there would still be more opportunities than there has been in ages for positive changes and influence with NDP as the official opposition and jack layton as the leader. his last letter to canadians: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2011/08/22/pol-layton-last-letter.html
  6. another favourite is The Rescuers Down Under. i might've watched it the most.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzBRF-FOhB4
  7. the live performance for this sound so fucking amazing. initially i thought she wasn't going to do that many shows but if it's a 2-year tour i'm assuming she's coming to toronto so a;ldfkja;djcae;wri. i hope she plays massey hall, god that would be incredible.
  8. i love the amnesiac book. the kid a book is nice too but i bought mine used and it's a little worn out (the disc is definitely unplayable). i was so excited when i saw them both. personally i think they are worth the money. i also found and bought the 3-disc amnesiac "collector's edition" recently. i think they were put out a couple years ago by EMI and i assume the band wasn't involved in it at all... to me it's definitely not as special but it's still pretty nice. i didn't recall hearing about it so i was pretty excited when i saw it since i always check the radiohead section when i'm in a cd store and it's rare to see anything "new" to me. disc 1: amnesiac. disc 2: pyramid song and knives out singles, 6 songs from their canal+ performance and LPS live from IMBW. disc 3 (dvd): i haven't watched it yet but it has some promos and live (tv) performances.
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