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  1. no, you see that was the thom yorke who lives in bingley and works for allied carpets
  2. that song is about how awesome the 8th series of red dwarf is
  3. all right but we better give phil a peace offering. remember how angry he got last time we suggested it? poor colin had that drumstick in his ear for months. in fact that was why it took so long to release kid a
  4. nah he's a quiet lad usually often goes to bed before we even start the strip poker he can speak 34 different languages
  5. we can't play go to sleep live anymore because colin sold the effects pedals jonny uses on it "for a laugh" to a fella down camden market.
  6. nah he's alright we only let him play guitar because he threatened to sell my megadrive he's a persistant lad.
  7. we would but jonny has this thing about it... a few years ago he lost a game of monopoly to me and ed (phil said he'd be on his team but jonny, being a little bleeder, said he'd rather go alone because "you're a shit drummer anyway") i celebrated by singing that song at him loudly, while grinning and wanking. so he never plays it. can't take a joke.
  8. FAUST ARP is something i came up with. it's basically a musical interpretation of the amount of politics thgat rush limbaugh is wrong about, using a sample of a dog pissing on a lamp post, interspersed with a lush array of panpipes and jazz trumpet solos. it's about 7 minutes long.
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