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  1. Just keep nagging 'em until they like. Failing that, you can relax in the knowledge that you have superior music taste, and are therefore better, than your friends
  2. YEAH that's the reason they stuck around after Kid A. They were on the verge of breaking up and then Yellow came out. ''Good luck with Kid A.''
  3. They're ALL VEGANS! Any REAL Radiohead fan knows that. Or anyone with too much time on their hands. Actually I'm only 100% sure about Thom and Jonny. Both Vegan. I'd imagine they'd peer pressure the others though, even Ed. vegetarianism is a great way of saving money, animals, and the environment. But you don't get a bacon sandwich on a sunday morning, and so for that reason I'm out.
  4. That's pretty cool. There's two references to Arrested Development, too. I think someone mentions Gobias a coffee or something, obviously a reference to Gobias Industries! Also, someone is a nevernude, which I have only ever heard being referred to on Arrested Development! Plagiarism or just a bit of fun?
  5. Thanks for the advice. Jeans are jeans why does it matter which brand you wear. A pair from Matalan fro
  6. To be honest, I'm really surprised they've not mentioned anything like condolences for Michael Jackson. Even if (clearly) they weren't musically influenced by him, I'm sure for Thom being a teenager during Jackson's biggest years he must have respected his achievments. And he certainly knows what it's like living with pressure and attention, although not of that scale.
  7. YAY!! Happy Birthday Ed. Did anyone hear what he got up to on his Stag do in 2007? He went camping! Haha it's true it's so Radiohead, never mind a piss up or a strip club Keep making the music and don't drink too much like you did in 2000.
  8. I thought you were gonna refer to the Fender Telecaster Plus. Man I want one of those. Goddammed expensive though. Especially since they don't make them anymore. Isn't this one a normal Tele converted to a Tele Plus? And yes, it is ok to ask what instruments they play because I like the music created by these guys and want to create similar music.
  9. jus go back and exchange for the bigger one, in a simple good+cash exchange. If you want the DVD, personally I'd say it wasn't worth it but some would.
  10. Joykill here... all songwriting efforts are attributed equally, no one person gets the credit, they write all the songs together. Although we all know that Ed has no input on the matter
  11. I've always wanted to go to Prague!! Perfect opportunity/excuse?
  12. They've just added a Poland gig- 25th August in Poznan. This is positive news for all us Europeans :DDDDD
  13. Yeah, but how many venues are there in Australia? Why would they rack so many carbon miles for like 8 gigs, when they go to America for 30?
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