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  1. omg mutesinthesteeple! I was trying to remember his name for ages. Yes maly, mutes, Big Dave and bza were on sh1ft around '03 '04 when I was on there. It was never the same as MT in the early days tbh.
  2. OH just to clarify, there was Tracy from Australia (who ran Revolve and married Jasper888) and then there was Tracey Neal, PaperTiger, from Montreal. I never met either, but Tracey and I did end up having a mutual friend, small world eh?
  3. Yeah , Tracy ran revolve, which turned into sh1ft (her photography site I think). I also met Big Dave & Jen, Little Dave (from Oxford), and Riot Economics (Chris), in person as well. I'm still friends with Rydyrgirl on Instagram.
  4. Like anyone would do that who wasn't the actual nerd person in question.
  5. Your records are wrong. I am even on the internet archive of this place from Dec 2000.
  6. Yes! I had just discovered that movie. Good times. Fun Fact: I met my husband on this message board. And Tracy and Jasper married from here too. There were two other members from Canada, BadlyDrawnGirl and this guy called Joel who were engaged and together for a long time.
  7. 2001 was the last time I was really active, around mid to late 2002 I would pop in but a lot of the topics created by the new members were general "Whats your favorite Radiohead song?" etc, stuff that older members had discussed ad nauseam and people who I recognized weren't as active. Then around late 2002/03 the board Revolve became active with a lot of the OG members and I moved there primarily, then later to the sh1ft boards. I'll post more as I remember stuff from that period.
  8. We were really into chatting on MSN messenger at that point and posting our status messages if I recall correctly.
  9. Who do I contact about changing my "Member since" date? Does Jonathan still run this site? Hello if so! I have been a member since November 2000, not 2004. I was also the 1000th member.
  10. sometimes when i wake up too early my right eye doesnt open all the way for like, 15 minutes, and then i'm really sad when it goes away.
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