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  1. hmmm. just my immediate observation, but i feel like there's a bit more of unwanted high frequency distortion (read: crackles) in these remasters as compared to the original. Listen to the original Lull and the remaster back to back. Hopefully it's just my headphones, but it probably isn't. I'll have to give it a real try after work on the home stereo system.
  2. I don't think they usually stick around to meet fans. That being said, my friend got to meet Thom and Flea at an atoms for peace show in NYC. They were waiting out front of the club super early and thom and fleas limo showed up and he went over and gave them hugs, but almost got tackled by security LOL
  3. If anyone wants to be super nice to me I'm looking for a ticket for either night in NYC. I tried both the pre-sale and general sale and got boned. The Wednesday night show is on my birthday so that would be stellar if anyone wants to take a longtime fan with them :-D anyways i would compensate you well, but not quite as well as the secondary market (i cant afford that. new baby + buying a house = me fairly broke).
  4. A very nice song/video. It compliments and contrasts burn the witch. I didn't expect anything to explode or whatever in this song or in Burn the Witch. After In Rainbows (specifically videotape) I have since given up the thought that they will be doing big wall of sound songs anymore. Side note: Radiohead reddit brought me back here after years laying dormant. I tried going to the reddit for a few days after the leaflet mailing hype. My god that place is a bit awful. Just constant lyric puns in every other post.
  5. many shows of every tour leading up to this one.... just sayin.....
  6. I second this notion. I been to 5 shows and only have one decent recording of one. I NEED MORE!
  7. what program are you watching with? i cant even watch on my macbook
  8. My favorite part of the whole show was then intense noise and purple light at the breakdown during 15 Step. So many people walked off after that song just looking overwhelmed and having quite large pupils!
  9. I think you got it wrong. Green Plastic is BROKEN! No updates in over two and a half months.
  10. I'm pretty sure it doesn't. They want you to support apple lossless so they don't allow FLAC. Silly yes, but if you have software to convert it and burn to a cd your fine with FLAC
  11. From the looks of your join date, one might assume you to be a Rainbower and not so long ago you were the new generation of radiohead fans. Though you may be older than some people here, from your one comment your just as reductive and dismissive as those whom you were just critiquing.
  12. Found another awesome punch brothers cover. This time it's Faust Arp
  13. wait wait wait what?! how are you getting 17 songs? Maybe there is 17 "unreleased" songs but that doesn't mean they are "new" they are in a whole new era of song writing and their sound is very different now even from In Rainbows and most of the unreleased songs are from the pre-IR era. So i feel it's safe to assume that a good bit of those songs are going to disappear. I'm not intentionally being a pessimist, just being a realist.
  14. I was under the impression that there were two new songs. Please enlighten me to the others
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