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  1. Aragon's a nice, small venue. You'll be fine wherever you are. Although, the show's over, so I'm sure you figured it out. Assuming I can get from La Crosse to Harvard, hop a train with a 20 minute window of time, get a cab in Irving Park at 6:00, get to the venue and inside in time, then hop the 12:30 train home to get back in La Crosse by 6:00 AM without falling asleep at the wheel... ...yeah. I'll be there tomorrow.
  2. It'll never happen. Not if I have anything to say about it. But realistically, I don't think it will. Agreed.
  3. Eh? Bah. Meh? Ehhhh... Hmm... Nope. My thoughts.
  4. Erm. I got the site to work about 20 minutes after I posted that, ha. I was just having a minor freakout 'cause this is like the high point of my month.
  5. Stupid inrainbows.com wouldn't take my debit card last week. Now it's not working now. Nothing works. Life sucks. I NEED THE ALBUM SOMEONE HELP.
  6. According to my play counts... There There I Will I Might Be Wrong Exit Music Climbing Up The Walls
  7. I think he should do that more often. I remember being in the crowd and I heard the first two notes and I got real excited... 'cause I knew what was coming.
  8. Yeah, I know the Cold War Kids' sound, and I still expected at least SOMEthing. Sad too, it was the first one I downloaded and I kind of don't feel like downloading the rest. What are the highlights, I'll just do that.
  9. OKC was a pretty good bridge between the Bends & Kid A. Can you imagine them going straight from The Bends to Kid A?
  10. ? Unless that was sarcasm. In which case haha.
  11. Yeah wasn't the best? I'm just glad someone else read that.
  13. Yeah, I've yet to meet anyone that's all "RADIOHEAD WHO? THAT'S A WEIRD NAME FOR A POP-GROUP."
  14. Also the gigography on the greenplastic homepage. Haha.
  15. Well now any chance of getting Neil Young advice has been ruined by you and your secks. Damn you.
  16. Haha. That's such a you thing to say. In a good way though. For everyone in favor of a Neil Young sub-forum... I have a confession... I do not have any Neil Young anything. I've meant to, just haven't... where should I start? *deep sigh* Glad that's off my chest,
  17. Kay, it's been a while since a Coldplay joke that was actually decent, gold star to you for the day
  18. Jesus, one of these actually ended? EDIT: Oh, I see. Quitters.
  19. Everything In Its Right Place (5) The National Anthem (9) How To Disappear Completely (22) Idioteque (20) Motion Picture Soundtrack (3) Uhhh +1 TNA -1 EIIRP
  20. Paranoid Android (19) Exit Music (For a Film) (13) Karma Police (6) Climbing Up The Walls (23) Lucky (13) Goddammit why won't Karma Police die? -1 KP +1 CUTW
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