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  1. gnogghi

    The Tennis Thread

    Kygrios Vs. Nadal today. Should be good.
  2. The cat came back, it couldn't go away.

    1. sleepy


      cheering and waving

      Twitching and salivating


    2. gnogghi
  3. The cat came back, it couldn't go away.

  4. It's a glorious day. No depressin', munchkin. After three tries at a new pword, it seems to work for me now.
  5. The "K, k, k, k" that comes after is just as good. Did you watch the movie?
  6. yeh I want to try painting with him too and i need to look that up. i think i already have the liquid white stuff.
  7. More live Suspiria posted today
  8. yes. i'm happy. i miss that turd, but i'm reassured. thank you.
  9. kyri... i said it already, but i just tend to worry, so i just hope he's ok, and if somebody knows that he's ok, please let me know.
  10. Yeah what the hell, it's like everybody's new at this. Lindermang.
  11. coco nut oil it on thursday night, i watched an episode of bob ross that entailed squirrels and the painting of a beautiful winter scene a good friend of mine likes to watch bob ross to chill and feel happy (little trees, no mistakes) i gotta say it made me feel very chill to watch bob ross. i enjoy the painting advice, but bob ross is way beyond painting advice. he's got the wisdom of a buddhist monk. or some sort of aura (is it the hair?) that is bound to draw you to a hammock made of moss. very powerful. hypnotic. and so calming. i would recommend bob ross to a friend
  12. nude is good except in canada in january have sex in turtle necks
  13. Re-reading this master piece out of nostalgia partly. I had studied it in American lit. and had really enjoyed it. I want to re-watch the Altman's rendition now.
  14. When the cat is purring quietly, looking at you with what seems like unconditional love, and closing its eyes, while sitting on the desk where you're writing postcards, it just feels like all of a sudden, you're not the rotten human you think you are all day.
  15. the queen of england? or a golden piano?
  16. oh no. that's exactly how i wanted this premise to end. but the lady and the onlooker were the same person. I tried akakak but I never got a confirmation email i tried slack too and it wasn't my thing though it was nice to be able to connect with MTers MT's not dying. we have a ghost host who is keeping us in a ne porvivajo kind of state, and i send him virtual flowers for that every day.
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