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  1. I don't know. Lizard? Mountain goat? I have tried from my iphone 5se (12.4) , High Sierra on my old macbook, and MS something on my work PC. I usually set up my browsers on "Delete all history when closing". And I use respectively Safari, Firefox and Chrome most of the time.
  2. You must be all overt his one eh, jazzo fiend. I look forward to spinning this record on a rainy day.
  3. It's growing on me fast. More listening, and remembering the interview, the live show, and past works. It's chaotic, it makes sense, it's liberating and beautiful. Make noise, Thom. Make some goddamn noise. I am wondering who came up with some of the bass lines, seems like Flea and other AFP members are still around. ... Perhaps we will have an AFP/Anima tour down the road. Come on, it was fun when they toured The Eraser ten years ago. They turned Cymbs Rush into a fucking hurricane I loved it.
  4. I swear in Traffic he says "foie gras". It must be something bad about foie gras, knowing Thom.
  5. Nobody else has any issues like this? I even tried to stay logged in but it looks like it's not working.
  6. I have not yet accepted AMSP as an entity as I feel what happened to present tense and true love waits doesn't work for me, and tinker tailor has suffered from it, although I like it. I must be too young or too old. The rest of the songs, fuck yeah. They all hit the spot.
  7. Hey I am listening to Shipwreck these days, and I always thought it said "he dives, he jumps" (that's the line that is repeated the most in the song). But a lyric search says "You asked, we chose". Which one is it, do you think?
  8. I could not remember my password today, so I created another one, but once I sign out, I cannot get back in with my new password. I tried the same manoeuvre a few times with the same result. I had so much to say about lettuce today. now it's going to go to waste.
  9. With that new hair nothing can go wrong He's gonna save tons of moolah on shampoo and drain de-clog services
  10. it more than words. there's no lyrics no. no. there's no lyrics.
  11. The cat came back, it couldn't go away.

    1. sleepy


      cheering and waving

      Twitching and salivating


    2. gnogghi
  12. The cat came back, it couldn't go away.

  13. The "K, k, k, k" that comes after is just as good. Did you watch the movie?
  14. More live Suspiria posted today
  15. Oh would that involve a performance? Can't help but think of what they pulled off at the Grammys. Not that it was necessarily exclusively for the Grammys, but still, it had turned out to be really something.
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