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  1. gnogghi

    The Tennis Thread

    Kygrios Vs. Nadal today. Should be good.
  2. The cat came back, it couldn't go away.

    1. sleepy


      cheering and waving

      Twitching and salivating


    2. gnogghi
  3. The cat came back, it couldn't go away.

  4. It's a glorious day. No depressin', munchkin. After three tries at a new pword, it seems to work for me now.
  5. The "K, k, k, k" that comes after is just as good. Did you watch the movie?
  6. yeh I want to try painting with him too and i need to look that up. i think i already have the liquid white stuff.
  7. More live Suspiria posted today
  8. yes. i'm happy. i miss that turd, but i'm reassured. thank you.
  9. kyri... i said it already, but i just tend to worry, so i just hope he's ok, and if somebody knows that he's ok, please let me know.
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