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  1. I didn't grow up with much watermelon around. In Europe, watermelon is a foreign food I think. Once here in Canada I was helping organise a neighbourhood bbq and was given the task to cut watermelon and to put the pieces in a bowl, and I ended up peeling the shell too, I DIDN'T KNOW. Then someone finally told me to leave the skin on because it made it way easier for people to grab and eat. oh my god celine dion go away from my morning radio show, what a dunce you are/pauvre tâche
  2. I'm sorry I'm laughing. Sounds rough though. I am whining about a few wasps. It's a survival issue. Give it all you can.
  3. gnogghi

    The Tennis Thread

    I'm having serious withdrawal. Can you believe the only tourney going on is in fucking Hiroshima?
  4. I don't know. Lizard? Mountain goat? I have tried from my iphone 5se (12.4) , High Sierra on my old macbook, and MS something on my work PC. I usually set up my browsers on "Delete all history when closing". And I use respectively Safari, Firefox and Chrome most of the time.
  5. gnogghi

    The Tennis Thread

    i still can't stand the tennis skirt. i was traumatised as a kid. i loathe the tennis skirt. everybody's wearing shorts underneath anyways. if it's really an aesthetic choice on the part of players, i think all players should start wearing all kinds of costumes, why not, not just the female costume. capes, wigs, stilts and worm buffets. do female athletes in 100m sprint wear a skirt? no, they don't. maybe tennis is just as much a parade as soccer/football is partly made out to be. all in the hair gel. yet it isn't. thank you taylor townsend and others for wearing shorts this year.
  6. tomato i would describe it as acidic or sweet or both, depending, but not sour. i would say that's what the OP meant. tomato is a fruit. pasta and fruit don't go together. personally i get it. don't cry, Irene.
  7. It's mind-blowing to see, but the geological history explains everything so well, except maybe the dino extinction. The Drumheller museum was amazing.
  8. You must be all overt his one eh, jazzo fiend. I look forward to spinning this record on a rainy day.
  9. Is it the type of storm that comes before the termite invasion stories? Hang on to your thong, party p.!
  10. so will it be called orangeland then
  11. gnogghi

    The Tennis Thread

    best week to be on sick leave is def during the us open qualifiers, tbh. i got to watch tennis all day, and different players than the usual players we see aaaaaall the time. seriously, nice mix of old and young players, new tantrums, interactions with the coaches, no challenges, management of time between points, AC on the courts, and three-set matches for everyone. it's just so much tennis i'm in heaven. well it's raining now ...
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