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  1. turns out it was a helicopter, one flew over the stage during Deerhoofs performance, probably to go videotape the rocket launch.
  2. what makes it an eyesore, that would help me out alot. one word comments dont really help.
  3. in atoms for peace is thom singing "I want to eat your artichoke heart" at 1:58
  4. sounds very eerie, like a ship yard that has those creeking echos. especially before he says "ladies and gentlemen"...
  5. hey, this is a drawing/doodle thing i just did. some inspiration from dr tchocks' arrows, i like arrows. any response is welcome.
  6. "your ears should be burning" 4:15 into one of the live house of cards, simply melts my ears.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h3l4NRhovE&search=radiohead%2015 the crowd loves the thom wiggle (2:14 in the video) pretty useless but i thought it was funny. he's such a goober on stage.
  8. i see, interesting, which song is jonny supposidley playing the banjo? id love to hear him and thom play dualing banjos.. or not
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