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  1. no Mr Magpie, apparently. they're working on Bangers n Mash. .
  2. who's blurry then?? the whole photo seems pretty contrived. Jonny's T-shirt looks significantly significant.
  3. i listen them through when i'm done, usually to see if they fit with the album. when i record them, i usually just improvise each seperate track, then fiddle around with the sounds a bit. so i play each track in one take, but each track'll give me a different view of it. often i end up deleting the original "bit" of the song, and keeping the rest.
  4. ahahaa, i'm trying to upload a Steve Reid gif but imageshack is fooling me around. Steve Reid'd be the punchline y'see.
  5. Kid A, Amnesiac and HTTT are all much better than either Pablo Honey, The Bends or Ok Computer.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_collective basically a group of like-minded musicians (or artists) sharing ideas, collaborating and other similarly Bohemian things.
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