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  1. Thom posted a Paddington gif, that’s basically as good as a new album
  2. I think Radiohead may never formally split. They’ve all got other prjoects, and time to do them, plus no real pressure to make a Radiohead album if they don’t want to. They seem content with the way things are. Personally I’m enjoying the slowly dying phase of MT. Like a Beckett inspired existential post-apocalypse
  3. I think it’s more that nobody in Europe actually cares about it. It’s just not a big deal.
  4. Absolutely, album version is way way better, and worth it for the disjointed beat alone.
  5. Ed will take as long as Ed needs. He invents new guitars in his sleep, it’s a unique process, and can’t be rushed.
  6. So Lana is now as bad as Radiohead. But it’s cool cause she’s gonna play with Israeli and Palestinian children, so she’s solving the conflict now, I guess
  7. He’s saying honky, cause he think you all a bunch of honky ass crackers
  8. Everything but the Girl wouldn’t play Israel though ...
  9. News just in, all band will be playing the EOB Strat for the upcoming tour. 90 minutes of one sustained note, with Killer Cars and Pop is Dead for an encore.
  10. 1. Thom ‘Left Eye’ Yorke 2. Colin ‘Fond of Stollen’ Greenwood 3. Philip ‘Turnip Picker’ Selway 4. Edward ‘Relevant’ O’Brien 5. Jonny ‘Johnny’ Greenwood
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