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  1. I agree.I think general interest in Radiohead is in decline. Marry that with the decline on fan messageboards, and this place aint coming out of the coma bUT......... YOU NEVER, EVER KNOW!
  2. Lady: Excuse me, is the shop still open? Security guard: Why didn't you get here earlier? Lady: um... Er... Sorry, it's just I was busy and forgot I ran out of... Security guard: we've been open all day. Lady: oh. Well... I know, it's just... I've been busy, you see. Is it still open? Security guard: the shop closes at 10 and you turn up at five-to-ten. You should have been here earlier shouldn't you? Lady: er... er... I'm sorry. I'll go... Security guard: you got two minutes. Lady: excuse me? Security guard: *mutters curse under breath* TWO M-I-N-U-T-E-S! Onlooker: Oi. What's ya focking problem pal? Security guard: what!? Onlooker: you on some kind of power trip? A lady asks ye a question and ya act like a focking cont. Am a focking stab ya. Security guard: piss off. *Onlooker leaps on security guard and stabs him multiple times. Then he removes the security guards head and begins to remove the skin. He slaps bits of it on to his own face and mimicks the security guard and all his stupid, ignorant ways* The other onlookers and the lady: hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha. Hip, hip, hooray! Onlooker: Madam, the answer to your question is.. *Shutters pull down and the shop closes*
  3. lol. ... Lol? I hope a lol is right, and that a cunt isnt required. Lol. Lol? LOL?
  4. I'm sure this has been done to shit, but is there any new home for MT people? I've heard people mention Slack??Akakakakakakak??
  5. Won't this place fucking die plz god plz
  6. ...and I will be left with no outlet (bar the Piranhas lurking on Reddit and elsewhere), here's five songs I did - unfinished. You might like one, you might like none, but still better than most stuff you'll here on the
  7. Manchester was good. Wish I got in the front bit though. How did people end up there?
  8. imo Waters comes off worst in this whole thing by signing off his letter with 'Restiamo umani'.
  9. I had tickets to Manchester Arena. Then when I heard about the change to venue I called up to find out what was happening and they fucking cancelled my tickets whilst I was on the phone! I mean, they weren't cancelled when I called but somehow the person on the phone understood "he wants to cancel" from "what's happening to my tickets?" Been trying to get Radiohead tickets for so long and when I finally get two I lose them through some RETARDED mis-communication.
  10. Silver and gold is severely underrated. Probably his best post-rust album
  11. ye, I said yes to it having heard Warpaint were headlining - regret it slightly based on the rest of the unknown lineup but should be good. Bristol's always a good visit
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