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    Life in a Glass House, Pyramid Song, or Street Spirit
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    OK Computer, maybe Amnesiac
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    Will fill later....

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  1. yo are you just gonna sit there and take that? like a little girl? come on now, give us a show
  2. here's an odd one, the national anthem my friend gave me a big data cd that had okc and kid a on it at first i liked kid a a lot better than okc, and the national anthem was my first favorite radiohead song
  3. lulz what about that guy in the just video?
  4. Don't worry, I posted an angry response to his horrible article. Shawn Amos won't be seen 'round these parks no longer.
  5. nude and arpeggi i find it to be the most godly combo ever. a lot of times i skip 15 step and bodysnatchers just to get to it.
  6. oh trust me i am. im just wondering whether im insane or if people feel the same way. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. besides the key, i serioulsy just want to scream "in a city of the future...!" at the beginning of bodysnatchers.
  8. i think this is a cue for everyone who hasn't been on mt in ages to come back.
  9. haha my first time back at MT in a long time, and I have to say, owning this album makes me feel like such a L337. And just for old times sake: :dancingthom: :dancingthom:
  10. gasp! two mods have already posted in this thread! lets play the guessing game to figure out who they were!
  11. then in the future, don't say it. this is my first post in days and that's all i have to say. now flame me, fools!
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