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  1. anybody have: Brian Eno - Ambient 2 please?
  2. Brillaint show, really was. Just wish I had gone both days, the setlists are a lot more different to what i thought they would be. Highlights: Myxomatosis (Not my one of my favourites but fucking awesome live) Wierd Fishees / Arpeggi No Surprises (Wasn't expecting it but great) Idioteque (Amazing dancing) Karma Police (lots of crowd singing, even after the band had walked off stage)
  3. No, it says so on the information leftlet that came with the tickets.
  4. Anybody here know the area well? Would it better to arrive at Bethnal Green tube station or Mile End tube station? Which is quickest to get to the park from?
  5. Anybody got any money on this? I put
  6. Shirt numbers are usually handed out 1 to 11 in friendly games, players never usually set numbers. Like every game it's 1 - Keeper, 2 - Right back, 3 - Left back, etc. Well England do it like that anyway, like how Beckham is usually number 7 but when Bentley replaced him in the team at right mid he wore number 7. Only in competitions do you have to register player numbers so that they have to keep the same numbers throughout the competition.
  7. Yeah. During World Cup '98, just before the penalty shoot-out with argentina I puked due to nerves, bit sad, should of known we would lose.
  8. its not olden its golden!
  9. Fevered


    christ arsenal are getting destroyed lol 4-0 and counting
  10. Fevered


    Côte d'Ivoire! This is theirs, surely.
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