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  1. Its farther away than the seating, right? Being far away isn't that bad. I was 2nd balcony in Chicago on my first, and it still owned.
  2. just got mine from TM for the Woodlands. I don't think they're sold out yet... Be happy you get tickets anywhere...
  3. Pearly is okay, though I don't care for Palo that much. I personally love Meeting in the Aisle and Polyethylene.
  4. Wolf. Karma still makes an awesome concert closer.
  5. Ordered it on the release day. Fuck yeah.
  6. It needs Bangers n Mash between Arpeggi and All I Need. Perhaps something before House as well...
  7. AIrbag(10) EIIRP(11) + 2+2=5(12) 15 Step(5) - Street SPirit(12) MSP(8) LIAG(4) AWATD(6) + VideoTape(7)
  8. Paranoid Android (9) How To Disappear Completely (18) - Idioteque (10) Pyramid Song (19) + 2+2=5 (4)
  9. I was watching a version of MacBeth, staged in the near future, and the songs between scenes included Like Spinning Plates (synth) 3 times Pre-drum intro to Climbing Up The Walls, 3 times Hunting Bears HTDC Intro. I was quite happy.
  10. Airbag (4) Paranoid Android (13) Exit Music (For a Film) (12) Let Down (7) Karma Police (6) Climbing Up The Walls (18) No Surprises (3) Lucky (9) + CUTW - NS
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