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  1. thats obviously the reason why they havent released LP7 yet
  2. 1. who licks ice cream? 2. who wants to eat blood favoured ice cream? 3. you spelt flavour wrong
  3. it came out last week you prick
  4. oh right i dont see how it can be compared to a concert film, it was like a completely different thing, but it was more interesting
  5. 2+2=5 (7) Where I End And You Begin (4) -1 There There (7) Wolf At The Door (7) +1
  6. im not being purposely obtuse, but what is 'the average band film'?
  7. + exit music - cutw Paranoid Android (3) Exit Music (For a Film) (4) Lucky (4) BYE BYE CUTW
  8. awesome nothing like that first gig
  9. hows the game coming along?
  10. its ok not boring, certainly not mind-bending
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