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  1. Not all of us are looking here, or internet forums in general. I think I'd have too many trust issues, personally.
  2. Biography: Man Location US Interests: forumAdmin Occupation: US Favorite Radiohead Song: forumAdmin Other bands you like: forumAdmin
  3. Doesn't seem to do or mean very much, at least not for me. Someone is on my friends list if and only if they asked.
  4. I always liked Radiohead but they were never one of my favourite bands. (Except maybe back in the days when my collection consisted of less than 100 albums)
  5. One of my best friends in college once walked up to me and said "hey Cian, have you heard of Can? I just got an album of theirs, I think it's called Landed, and it's awesome!"
  6. Really? Organisation were around when Can were just getting started.
  7. Far from terrible overall, I think some people just had the wrong expectations. It got a fairly mixed reception, some negative reviews. Not as uneasy as, say, the reception Frances the Mute or even Lateralus got upon release.
  8. Radiohead are one of the biggest bands in the world. Coldplay, U2, and a few others may sell more and get more media attention, but they're still up there edit: 1000
  9. It's probably my favourite of theirs right now. Would take it over Kid A anyday
  10. This has been known to happen, but there are many other ways. I'd say the most common is someone who gets a promotional copy then going on to rip it onto his/her computer. Every once in a while an album is "streamed" (like with Wilco) and someone records the whole thing and shares the resulting files. Joanna Newsom's Ys was leaked when Pitchfork accidentally (?) left music files constituting the whole album on a part of their server that was not secure and someone in Hipinion found them, but that was obviously quite suspicious. And They Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead leaked their latest
  11. Wow, look: viagra, levitra, cialis, xanax, valium, tramadol, soma and hydrocodone!
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