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  1. i would cream my fucking pants if i saw a bond flick with a radiohead opening.
  2. a lot of "your ass" in that other thread.
  3. i dont think that it would be easy to compare two albums at different times of the band. I mean, the bends seemed more of that rock edge and in rainbows seems more mature to me. they are both really good albums.
  4. all i need i loved the live version but this studio one took me by surprise with the piano being subbed out for the low techno kind of drone. but now i freakin love it!
  5. deeper than a black guys penis into an overweight white chicks ass!!?? IMPOSSIBLE
  6. i have a feeling it is.. 7 albums is a good number, and to end on a good note with an awesome album and a different view on downloading the album, it would benefit them in the long run as well.
  7. it really is one of those albums that will stick out in their inventory..its different but in a good way to me. Been listening to it non-stop since yesterday.
  8. Your house I did sit While you were away for a bit Rest assured, your iguanas are safe and sound Still inside their cage, still loafing around. Emily received my petting just fine But Gimly would not take any petting of mine.
  9. got it new for under 10 bucks (sticker says made in holland on the back)...nearly jumped a few feet when i saw it.
  10. watch out, she'll crack that whip too.
  11. exit music has been the only one close to getting me.
  12. killer cars down is the new up all i need talk show host 15 step worrywort india rubber banana co gagging order the trickster
  13. the texas giant. the fucker is made of wood..u hear that shit creak when ur on it.
  14. nothing about how he hates black people? nothing at all?
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