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  1. that is crazy, but i do live in the US so im not surprised
  2. I think some people on here were dating each other and split after a time, maybe a way to stalk without getting caught?
  3. original thomas crown affair with steve mcqueen and faye dunaway Let me seduce you with these chess pieces:
  4. i've been obsessed with old school gundam lately
  5. when it comes to boxed noodles and jar spaghetti sauce, i can see your point, but from scratch spaghetti is bomb
  6. I still have Irene and Cindy on Twitter, the rest just disappeared like most of us
  7. damn, so many memories on this site... MT came to me when I was at a very dark time in my life, and it helped a shit ton.
  8. I would go with RB for sure when it comes to small people. I am 5'9", a bad choice for a WR and QB. I think Wes Welker is around my height but it is hit and miss.
  9. i dont think she posts here anymore, but i had a dream about leila grace awhile ago. We were in this wood cabin type place, very twin peaks, and I was talking to her about something and paid her a compliment like "you are an amazing person." Her reply was "don't say things like that." I ended up telling her about the dream via tumblr and she pretty much agreed my dream was spot on about her. Crazy considering i've never met her in person.
  10. The landscape, especially the surrounding foothills, provides some nice views. People here are usually nice, but it does feel like this town is behind the rest of the nation by a few decades. When I go visit family in Texas every summer, I always feel like I am in another country.
  11. if i ever find a way to go to SLC or surrounding areas, i may take you up on the offer.
  12. boise, the only part worth living in imo. I am planning to move back to Dallas by the end of the year.
  13. don't let the face fool you, she is a feral barn kitty.
  14. I live near a street called Clithero. I should get a picture of the sign.
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