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  1. Wow! Awsome pictures! Gotta love those catpics haha nice work
  2. It might not be a very exciting track or an advanced piece of music, but the lyrics are close to their best. I love to hear it before you freak out to Electioneering. My ears just love the sound of the computer voice. So calm, monotone, neutral. Speaking of electioneering, it was the song that got me into radiohead. I remember me turning it on as soon as we had a break at school and I couldn't stop dancing to it. I danced all the way to the dining hall and I couldn't sit still on the chair and barely get the food into my mouth. It totally freaks you out!
  3. I heard them on the radio for the first time last year. Obviously it was creep. I think people find radiohead's music inappropriate. It's a shame All that's ever played on the radio is superpop, hiphop and r&b, hard rock, metal and death metal What about some jazz? What about electronica? What about trip hop? I mean common but fine, don't, stick to your pop and rock, but could you at least stop switching between only 8 songs? Radio sucks. So hard.
  4. HOW? edit: To me it's Kid A = Amnesiac > HTTT = Ok Computer > The Bends > Pablo Honey
  5. Oh yeah Ondes Martenot is on top 3 for sure. I'll have one of those too.
  6. See! That's why it's the coolest instrument and because of the fact that you don't even touch it while playing it. A chapman stick is cool too, but it's too similar to the other string instruments, both the sound and how you play it. The Theremin is unique. The Theremin is THE shit.
  7. I got butterflies in my stomach when i read this I love people who love radiohead:hug:
  8. that's right and another thing, your name is Erik Sund and you're from Scotland? Erik Sund doesn't sound scottish at all. If anything, it sounds swedish.
  9. *taken aback* I don't know what to say Im telling you the truth thomas:(
  10. I will have my own Theremin one day. It was the first electronic musical intrument, AND first and only (as far as I know) instrument you play without even touching it. SO COOL! A little box with two antennas.
  11. My best friend is allergic to Radiohead. She says she loves me anyway though =) But my heart breaks a bit everytime she say something bad about them. My other best friend, who is also my only bandmate, is just as crazy about them as I am. He was the one who introduced them to me. I am forever grateful for that. Spent the day at his house today and did some recordings. After a while we needed a break so we went to his room, sat down in the bed, closed our eyes and blasted "Everything in its right place", "Kid A", "National Anthem" and "Motion picture soundtrack". We didn't say a word. Just smiled. Ahhh. Thank God for radiohead and for radiohead fans. Everyone else doesn't know about radiohead, only creep and karma police, so when I say I like radiohead they're like "radio what?" sweden sweden... Though my friend Carro have heard me and Simon's rh covers and she really likes the songs so she asked if I could make her a cd. I hope she'll like it =)
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