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  1. I posted sum stuf about Radiohead Man I did not tell you how ill they are Its all I ever listen to now FOR REAL What else is some good music by deez foos?
  2. the united state of SUCK MY BIG BLACK DICK CRACKA HAHA
  3. fuk u cracka learn my language Upity fagget.
  4. camdem sound like a upity bitch cracka city Niga come 2 my geto and get shot ^ like BLAKKA BLAKKA
  5. wut is ^ wit all of the faggety cracks here
  6. Dum niga http://www.bestplaces.net/crime/?city1=5640&city2=8840 U never been here b4 i think
  7. Niga i live in new jesey most my life DC is were da ganstas live.
  8. Yo rapter niga i live in DC wut ^ new jersey
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