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    to hard
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    Ok Computer
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    Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Muse, Sigur Ros, Beck etc.
  1. http://www.tinymixtapes.com/news/radiohead-new-album-titled-tehrangeles-tracklist-revealed I have no idea of the validity of this..
  2. i defo would buy this.. my first radiohead gig.
  3. great song and something about the world..?
  4. Dougal Maguire


    cool also this link works http://www.justin.tv/fabiofrn first support band on now i think
  5. Dougal Maguire


    anyone know what time this will be at european time?
  6. I doubt it's festival appearances cos most of the big ones have been announced, but it wouldn't totally surprise me if it was Austrailia but heres hoping for Ireland
  7. i was baffled enough with bittersweet symphony.. but that too? mad. Dont get me wrong they're two of three songs i like by the verve but im confused as to him liking them.. Alison could be by either pixies or Slowdive
  8. I think we should try figure out the songs on it.. I'll start with the obvious one, Bjork - Unravel oh and I think it would be great if Radiohead were everywhere, the more people who like them means less people who dont slag fans for liking them, which happens me every single day just because they havn't heard them.
  9. In Rainbows is perfect, its a tie with Ok Computer with me, theres no way really you can say their albums are neccesarily better than eachother, cos they're all so different. but they are my two favs. Though Kid A would be up there too, that was so good
  10. there is definitely similarities there.. i love how brandon flowers criticises thom for not writing pop songs anymore and he does this ha
  11. this is great 1. Weird Fishes 2. Airbag 3. Pyramid Song 4. Reckoner 5. Everything In its right place 6. Street Spirit 7. The National Anthem 8. Lucky 9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 10. Paranoid Android 11. Idioteque 12. Life In a Glasshouse 13. Like spinning plates 14. A wolf at the door 15. How to disappear completely 16. 2 + 2 = 5 17. Dollars and Cents 18. 15 Step 19. Planet Telex 20. Fake Plastic Trees 21. Cuttooth 22. No Surprises 23. Just 24. Motion Picture Soundtrack 25. Talk Show Host
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