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  1. dudes voice on this is so different
  2. Not sure yet. I will likely get tickets last minute if I can. Money is not a good thing right now.
  3. new song is fucking dope. where is this movie going tho because the two songs so far are unlike what i expected for this movie. i cant wait. for a score there is a lot lyrical work on this
  4. Think there are about 3/4 songs and the rest is score. Its a double album, 120min long. Out late october. Personally this is one of his best solo songs since Eraser. Hyped for the movie too. Its getting very mixed reviews but I think people expectations of this being a truely horror movie are getting in the way. Its a slow burn atmospheric piece apparently. Upside is any mention of the score has been praise
  5. Think most of the kids where there from what I could tell. There were quite a few back stage. Really sad I didnt get night two but still, night one was amazing. I want to go back ((((((((((((((
  6. Ya. They have put synths in for the strings. Need to find a good recording somehwere to hear it. I think this is the best they have ever sounded
  7. Dude it's the best version of it And ya I never got the love ghost I heard burn the witch is way better now
  8. 47 songs over two nights love them dont love you though despite seeing more songs for the first time...i think night two setlist is more my speed that said if i would have threw chairs if I didnt get idioteque. that song is untouchable.
  9. Dude you absolute cunt getting that setlist
  10. Acc is the only arena gig I've been to and it's a combination of really weird and kinda cool. Hearing that many people sing along to karma Police is amazin
  11. The venue is so weird and I don't get itWeird stores run by weird brands Beer is so expensive I sometimes forget it holds sporting events And ya... A coat check sponsored by a company whose products cost as much as a holiday.
  12. Think the sticker is going to live on my laptop.
  13. The tshirt is sweet. Grabbed one. Oh and seeeeee junun So much fun.
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