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  1. filmfanb


    i stopped playing months ago also, Bielsa is an agent !
  2. im going to florida tomorrow shit is gonna get weird.
  3. im on about 25/30 now but it takes me a long time to get going the next day i raised my tolerance quite a bit but now went back down after i downed 250mg and had the worst experience ever.
  4. 50 thc whipes me out now. i feel so grobby next day..
  5. im doing dry january for my own health and well being.
  6. Waaaas good Im pissed at Under Armour Irish got new kits and cleats for the playoff...we like to dress up for public execution Anyway, the cleats are so fucking lush and I need them but they dont do soccer ones.
  7. filmfanb


    Ya I think Okeechobee is done I read. It took advantage of the surge and died.
  8. been stressing so havent been here much started a new job. pretty stoked.
  9. filmfanb


    primavera top line this year sucks but god damn its deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
  10. fucking freezing now ! hate it i wrote my first film treatment in about 15 years today and sent it to my friend to go over. im afraid he wont talk to me again. its truely fucked up
  11. supposed to be slow but beautiful like me
  12. Honestly cant deal with the fucking videos and gifs of this game It looks amazing.
  13. id love to do jury duty its a fucking dream of mine especially for a muder/serial killer case
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