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  1. both songs are great. I especially love suspirium, probably the best thom solo song yet. absolutely gorgeous, but also a little creepy. I really want to watch this movie in the theaters.
  2. I wish Radiohead were the opposite of what you want. they're are, already? cool, thanks come again
  3. first night was so much better than second (just based on the setlist, I wasn't there). it's great that they played so many different songs though, people going both nights were in for a treat. they're up to 42 songs already.
  4. great setlist. nice to see that morning bell is back. burn the witch and decks dark as well, they weren't played much in the end of the last tour. blow out!! and lovely that they soundchecked follow me around, hope they show us their full band version soon (probably close to the macerata version)
  5. sexism. nothing new from him
  6. i dont think it’s a good song. but I’m a sad person because of the world cup. but it probably isn’t great
  7. was a bit of a head-scratcher
  8. I got creep but I'd love to be how I made my millions.
  9. that's a lot of songs. pretty cool. last year at northside they only played 22 songs, cheap bastards
  10. no I meant a brand new arrangement that we haven't heard before. it would be the only way I'd get excited about lift in 2018. chances are probably close to non-existent but after they put true love waits on amsp, who the hell knows
  11. really? was it like the 90's version or a new arrangement
  12. I doubt they see it as a continuation of the AMSP tour. so 4 songs from it is fine by me. I just hope they don't ditch the present tense and burn the witch forever.
  13. title says songs you wished they played live more often. goddammit johnsmith keep up with your own thread titles
  14. Yeah there's a few. off the top of my head In Limbo, Morning Bell, WIEAYB, TAMTW
  15. I wonder what the world would look like if they never changed that name.
  16. ^^^^^don't listen to this spam bot
  17. Anyway we'd all rather they make more studio albums. right? drop this touring bullshit. signed. Me
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