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  1. Such a sweet way to end the tour ♥ https://soundcloud.com/lbartleet/thom-yorke-birthday-accent-austin-city-limits
  2. Did people sing happy birthday for Thom? Edit: Ah excellent, found a sound bite https://soundcloud.com/lbartleet/thom-yorke-birthday-accent-austin-city-limits
  3. I'm thinking David Dastmalchian, the creep from The Dark Knight and Prisoners, as Colin: And who else should the movie feature besides the lads? Nigel, Stanley, etc. And who should direct? I would pay good money to see Tilda Swinton play Thom.
  4. I'm suddenly curious to get more answers to this, i look forward to more freaky choices. myself, I'm currently going with Paperbag Writer
  5. not sure but i got 24 and there's a few more, sections making me say "what the hell is that supposed to be"
  6. just remembered this one, it's gotta be the best. how many songs can you identify? i'll see if i can find a bigger picture artist's page for a better view
  7. yeah I've been digging more of these lately i've uploaded more of her Radiohead stuff here her work in general here
  8. Just woke up from a dream where Radiohead was playing in this big, beautiful red room but they were only playing this old man and me. I saw a setlist and the first three songs were Bloom, The Daily Mail and Staircase. Thom said to Ed "just come in whenever you want." As Staircase played, there were no instruments. I wanted to take a picture but I felt like this was a private show for the old man and me and decided against it. Suddenly a mouse appeared and started crawling over my face. At first I enjoyed it, but then I grabbed it and put it on the ground. It started shitting all over the place. The turds were way too big for a mouse. My sister's sleeping head was suddenly right next to the turds so I told her to wake up. And that's when I woke up.
  9. tis an honor as always to share a b-day with Thom Yorke, my favorite person in the world. there is no birthdate i'd rather have. i believe it also the birthday of Dylan, one of the creators of greenplastic if i remember right Here's a couple of my compilations of some of Thom's most precious live moments if anyone would like to see
  10. With this shit-engulfed economy I've had a lot of free time lately so I found myself putting together a few compilations. Nothing too fancy i'm sure i've fucked up in some way. i can't stress enough I have no doubt I missed some good ones so sequel videos can always come later. there were certainly occasions when Colin would be doing something cool but the camera would stay on him for like a nanosecond. what can i say, i'm an unemployed fanatic with a whole lot of time on my hands.
  11. it's been a while since i've tinkered with gifs so i'm looking into making better quality ones but in the meantime
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nTo8rjo-lM
  13. the first time i read about this it seemed like something that would originate from The Onion, that he would pick something so silly to bitch about. he sounds like such a self-parody, it's hilarious and sad at the same time.
  14. I was reminded recently that The National Anthem on SNL remains to this day my favorite thing Radiohead has ever done. it was actually the first time I'd heard of Radiohead. i remember thinking stuff like "This guy is such a spazz but that's a sweet calculator watch. what's the deal with this faceless guy and this drawstring/keyboard making these UFO noises? why's he playing the radio now? is that why they're called Radiohead? this other guy's playing a guitar but i don't hear any guitar. these horns are fucked up but that bass is pretty sweet." oh how ignorant i was. and little did i know back then that it would be the start of an obsession that has lasted a decade to this day it remains my favorite mainly because it may have the best spazzing Thom has ever done, it's one of the very few times they have the horn accompaniment, and because they got to do such a gloriously batshit crazy performance on a square, lame show like SNL and probably freaked out millions watch here
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