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  1. when did that happen? not that i really care. but aren't they all old now?
  2. Apparently TKOL is dedicated to "new Henry, Zohar and all our little ones." Who is "new Henry" ?????
  3. the harmony the first time he sings "4 minute warning" and the following little piano bit.
  4. PH, Bends, OKC, Kid A, IR: track 4 Amnesiac, HTTT: track 2 though really that's just a simplified version and isn't always true.
  5. interesting idea.. but you should at least get the lyrics right. after sitting through and reading the whole thing, i was a little annoyed at the carelessness. probably sucks more for you than it did for me though.
  6. yeah i actually meant to say "unintentionally start out as concept albums." i have a hard time envisioning thom and structure working out so well.
  7. I feel like all of Radiohead's albums start out as concept albums, but then not all of the songs make it, many of the lyrics get changed, and the songs end up in the wrong order in the end, allowing for possible themes, but not committing to concept albums as an absolute. Just sayin'
  8. i'm now unconfused. as it loaded this time. disregard my existence in this thread.
  9. i know the clip.. but i don't see the link? i'm specifically confused.
  10. So I have this mysterious version of Street Spirit in my iTunes, it's acoustic. And slower than normal. And Thom is particularly whiny. It says it's from "Lost Treasures Disc 2" which I'm pretty sure is some sort of non-legit compilation? Maybe it's real. I don't think so. But I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what version this is, where it's really from, and what the hell? Sorry if this is not the right forum. I debated for a moment, and I don't know. Hopefully someone tries to actually answer, since this is a real question. CLICK ME TO HEAR/GET VERSION
  11. truth. much truth. except for people who like other radiohead songs i think. i'm thankful creep wasn't my introduction to them.
  12. I like the little tidbit about tap versus bottled water on the bottle. And the rest of the bottle.
  13. stop whispering was worse in my opinion too.. but this shows ed's slicked hair still ignores colin features awesome falsetto and belts followed by a strange vocal issue and includes an interview where you can see the hair very clearly.
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